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Reasons why computer's system time cannot be changed and solutions


What if system time cannot be changed? Sometimes computer's system time is incorrect, but after fixing it, it will be incorrect again, or cannot be changed at all. How to solve this problem? Below are specific solutions.

Reasons why computer's system time cannot be changed and solutions

1.If time in computer is automatically restored after modification, this is same situation when BIOS suddenly recovered after configuration, and reason is same, that is, motherboard battery is dead. power supply If you encounter this problem, you can try replacing battery on motherboard.

2. If time on Win7 computer cannot be changed, please try restarting computer, then press DEL to enter BIOS setting interface on Win7 computer, change time in BIOS settings, and then press F10 to save settings.

3. Another situation is that time on computer cannot be changed due to insufficient rights. Press win + R on keyboard at same time to open running computer window, and then run gpedit.msc to enter computer's local group policy. In editor window, click enter “Computer Configuration” → “Windows Settings” → “Security Settings” → “Local Policies” → “User Rights Assignment”, after which we find item “Change System Time” and double-click to change current time. Add username you use, click OK to save, and then you can get permission.