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Solution that computer's LAN connection cannot be disabled


What if local connection cannot be disabled? Local connection of computer is enabled by default, but if there is a problem with a bad network, we usually solve it by disabling it and re-enabling local connection. However, some users are experiencing problem of being unable to disable local connection. me provide details below solution.

Solution that computer's LAN connection cannot be disabled
method one:

1. Press win+R on your keyboard to open a running computer window, then type cmd in it and press Enter so you can open a computer command window.

2. Run following two command codes in sequence in a command prompt window:

netsh winsock reset directory

netsh int ip reset reset.log

3. After operation is completed, restart your computer and problem may be resolved.

Method two:

1. Open a command prompt window on your computer.

2. You need to run two sets of command codes:

cryptsvc clean stop

ren %systemroot%System32Catroot2 oldcatroot2

After starting, you must restart your computer.