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How to quickly fix a white computer screen


The computer is now an indispensable high-tech product in our lives. It can be said that with advent of computer, our life, work and study have improved significantly. Thanks to computers, our lives have become brighter, and efficiency of work and study has increased significantly thanks to computers. However, computer system is very complex and many people have encountered many problems while using it. For example, if computer is used for a certain period of time, there will be a white screen issue. Let editor tell you how to fix it.

How to quickly fix a white computer screen


1. Disassemble liquid crystal LCD case first, and then check if screen cable interface is loose and connected properly. After verifying that screen cable is connected correctly.

2. Then turn on laptop's power switch, and then use a multimeter to measure whether power supply voltage of screen cable interface is normal. If power supply voltage is OK, go to step 5, if not, check for an open or damaged fusible resistor or inductor near shield cable output terminal. In case of damage, simply replace damaged components.

3. If safety resistor or safety inductor near output end of shield cable is OK, check DC-DC that supplies power to LCD. Whether voltage at output terminals of voltage conversion circuit is normal. If output voltage is abnormal, check fuse, resistor, PWM, controller, switching tube, inductor, filter capacitor and other components in power circuit, and then replace damaged components.

How to quickly fix a white computer screen

4. If voltage at output terminal of DC voltage conversion circuit is normal, it means that capacitors and other components are damaged between output terminal of DC voltage conversion circuit and interface. screen cable Check and replace damaged components.

5. If screen cable interface supply voltage is normal, check if clock signal and excitation signal in LCD panel drive circuit are normal. If this is not normal, check output signal, input signal, and supply voltage of chip that generates this signal, respectively, to determine if driver chip is damaged. If it is damaged, just replace it.

If problem still cannot be solved, check it for following aspects, and if it does not work, it is recommended to send it to a service station:

1. Poor heat dissipation. If monitor, power supply, and CPU run for too long, it will crash. Remove dust from fan, lubricate it or replace fan. For desktops, add a temporary fan to host case for better heat dissipation. For laptops, add cooling pads.

2. There is too much dust in device, and contact is bad. Clean housing and close all connections tightly.

3. The memory module is loose, unplug memory module, clean slot, erase golden fingers of memory, and then insert it firmly. If there is a problem with quality of memory module, replace problematic memory and increase virtual memory value at same time.

How to quickly fix a white computer screen

The above is an introduction to computer white screen recovery method brought by editor. Actually a white screen computer is a very common problem, but many people will be at a loss when they encounter this problem. There are many reasons for a white computer screen, such as failure of computer's video card, as well as a white screen due to insufficient heat dissipation after computer has been working for a long time and computer has not been cleaned of dust for a long time, resulting in a white screen. computer. Regardless of cause, if you want to fix a problem, you must first find cause of problem itself before you can fix it.