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Basic computer knowledge


1. Understanding main components of a computer

Computers, we also call them microcomputers, consist of software and hardware. The parts that we see with naked eye are hardware and programs running on computer are software. For beginners, let's first understand basic device of a computer.


One, computer screen

The display data cable is mainly divided into VGA, DVI, HDMI and other interfaces. At present, mainstream is still VGA interface. Regardless of type of interface, you need to connect one end to monitor, and other end to interface behind host computer. The computer interface has error prevention. The mechanism, if wrong interface is inserted, it will not be inserted.

Some hosts have an integrated graphics card and an independent graphics card interface on back.

2. Host and screen power cord

The host power cord and display power cord have same connectors, one end can be connected to power panel and other end to host and monitor connectors.

3. Connecting a mouse and keyboard

The shape of mouse and keyboard ports is same. We can judge which port should be connected to mouse and which port should be used to connect keyboard based on respective colors of mouse and keyboard ports. Of course, if we have both a mouse and a keyboard - both USB ports, it will be much more convenient. There are generally 4 USB ports behind host, which can be connected as desired.

4. Line

We will need a two-way crystal-head network cable, one end of which connects to router, and other end connects to network card connector of host computer. After connection is completed, network card indicator lights up in on state, indicating that connection is normal, so that we can access Internet normally.

2. Computer Basics

1. Switching on and off

For beginners, first thing to learn is proper startup and shutdown procedures.

It's very easy to start, just press main unit's power button to turn on main unit and press display switch. If computer does not respond after pressing switch, first check that power supply is firmly inserted and then try again. If not, seek professional help.

Here I'll focus on shutting down computer. I have met many people who are not computer savvy. Tao's brother has a friend whose sister-in-law turns off mainframe power immediately after using computer, which is called "power saving". Later, computer won't turn on, so she came to ask me what was wrong. .

Here again it is emphasized that correct way to shut down is to click "Start" in lower left corner of computer's desktop.using mouse, then click "Shutdown" to turn off computer, and finally consider turning off the computer. plug-in switch.