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How to eliminate static electricity on a computer screen?


I don't know if you netizens have experienced that when we touch display screen with our hands, it feels like an electric shock. Some friends may also worry if electricity is leaking from our computer? Why is this happening? This phenomenon is actually not as bad as we imagined, so why does a computer screen have static electricity? This article gives you answer.

How to eliminate static electricity on a computer screen?

1. There is a feeling of static on computer screen. Firstly, this may be because your computer screen is not equipped with an antistatic coating, so when you touch it, you will feel static electricity. This situation has now occurred because most monitors sold on market now have antistatic coatings.

Second, power outlet may not be connected to ground wire, so if there is static electricity on display screen, you need to check power supply connected to display screen to ensure that power outlet ground wire Static electricity is likely to occur, so to prevent static electricity, it is best to use a grounded power source.

Third, if none of above conditions exist, then it is probably your own cause. You should be aware that clothes we wear may contain static electricity, such as sweaters, especially girlfriends. , Sweaters can easily cause static electricity, even without touching other objects, just contact between hair and sweater will generate a lot of static electricity. At this time, you yourself will have static electricity, so not to mention touching display screen, no matter where you touch, you will hear a "crackle" of static sound, so try not to wear knitwear when working at a computer, especially girls, to reduce occurrence of static electricity on display screen.

The above are causes and remedies for static electricity on computer screen. Hope this will be helpful for everyone.