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iPhone 9 conference cancelled, see official website


Hey, how do you say that old saying? People are not as good as God.

I've been looking forward to stars and moon, but it's finally mid-March and Apple Spring Conference is about to take place. Finally, iPhone 9 is about to reveal mystery, and result...

According to insiders, Apple has delayed launch of a new product in March, and timing of release of iPhone 9 and new iPad Pro, which we mentioned earlier, is unknown.

(Cook: Are you targeting me?)

Apple ParkAccording to previous speculation, Apple originally planned to hold a new product launch event on March 31st. Now it seems that there is no backlash~

The postponement of press conference is connected not only with epidemic. According to supply chain news, there are two new products that have problems in production. Apple expects a full evaluation of "parts production plan" and "final assembly of product", so it is difficult to determine product release plan.

But even if there is no development conference, Apple will take action this month. The company considered holding events in other regions or directly launching new products on official website in form of press releases.

The existence of iPhone 9 is confirmed by iOS 14 code: following shape of iPhone 8, it is equipped with an A13 processor.

Foreign artist The Hacker 34 made a render video for it. He often makes concept videos for Apple products, and this is quite reliable.

Let's admire it together and hope it goes on sale soon.

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