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Quasi-final! Dirty reincarnation of RTX2060 returns to rivers and lakes, gospel of player or newbie in mine?


Hello everyone, I'm Xiao Jiang. Today, Lao Huang finally reincarnated from mud and dug up a half-buried RTX2060, replaced it with accessories, and upgraded again to RTX2060-12G version for sale. and original RTX2060-6G.

During third video card war, Lao Huang forcibly reincarnated RTX 2060 to be buried in ground. The 2060 12G version was registered with Eurasian Economic Association, and dual return video card was confirmed. This new version of RTX2060 and old version from 3 years ago have no other changes other than a slight change in number of cores and frequency, as well as a huge increase in 12 GB of video memory.

So what exactly is performance improvement? Here we use a game test to reflect this to a certain extent, and results are as follows:

Wild Man 2

Cyberpunk 2077

Among several famous 3A masterpieces, performance gap between RTX2060-6G, RTX2060-12G and RTX2060Super is approximately 5 frames. Lao Huang really deserved to cut double eyelids of a mosquito with a knife, accurately cutting a new card between two low-performance graphics cards. Moreover, since this card still uses core of old version, it is not a hash-locked version, so can be snapped up by mining bosses and raise price .

Then we checked price of new version RTX2060-12G online, result is:

The price is closer to current RTX3060 and price could be higher if processing power is not locked in. Looks like friends will have to wait.