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618 Notebooks Ranked Top 10 in Economy Price Ranking


Recently, prices of older gaming laptops have dropped significantly, especially those equipped with older RTX3050 graphics cards in RMB.

In addition, various brands are releasing versions of Ryzen gaming laptops one after another. The performance of Core and Ryzen versions is about same, but Ryzen gaming laptop version will be much more expensive. -effective.

Many friends asked me when choosing a laptop, which one is most economical and is it worth buying?

Prices and configurations on market are constantly changing. New computers, promotional prices, etc. will affect cost-effectiveness of computers.

Prices depend on time, so there is no optimal ratio of price and quality.

The following are ten inexpensive computers subjectively selected by editor and sorted by price for reference only.

Redmi G (old style)

Processor R5-6600H, RTX3050

2.5K high resolution screen

Comments: This is a rare opportunity to get a 2.5k HD screen at this price, and price is affordable, which is very suitable for editing and designing. Although equipped with a super clear 2.5k screen, performance of 3050 graphics card is relatively poor. When running 3D applications, it is recommended to lower resolution to 1080P to improve smoothness of picture.

618 Notebooks Ranked Top 10 in Economy Price Ranking
Acer Shadow Knight Dragon (old model)

R7-6800H Processor, RTX3050, Wide Color Display

Comments. This game belongs to a brand of almost first level, and its after-sales service system is relatively perfect. The combination of full-blooded RTX3050 graphics card and 1080P screen is very suitable, because the 3050 graphics card is difficult to handle 2K resolution 3D games, so there is no need to use a 2K screen, which is very suitable for gamers. that pursue cost effectiveness.

618 Notebooks Ranked Top 10 in Economy Price Ranking
Mechanical Revolution Jiaolong 16K

Processor R7-7735H, 2.5k resolution

Video card RTX4050, ¥5499

Video card RTX4060, ¥5999

Comments. Equipped with a full-fledged RTX4050 graphics adapter, its performance is comparable to a full-fledged 3060 graphics adapter, and it can consistently play highest performance. Graphics cards of this generation are well optimized in terms of power consumption, and you should not be superstitious about performance that major manufacturers produce.

618 Notebooks Ranked Top 10 in Economy Price Ranking
Lenovo Rescuer R9000P (old model)

Processor R7-6800H, RTX3060

Screen resolution 2.5k

Commentary: The 23 Saviors logo has become a jumpsuit. If you like classic big "Y" logo, you can see 2022 model

618 Notebooks Ranked Top 10 in Economy Price Ranking
Lenovo GeekPro G5000 Ryzen Edition

Setup R7-7840H, RTX4050, 5999 yen

Setup R7-7840H, RTX4060, 6499 yen

2.5K Screen

Comments. As one of Lenovo's most affordable gaming laptops, this product performs well in its base configuration. However, exterior design is rather rough.

With release of Ruilong version, its price is comparable to price of economy brands such as Redmi, Mechanical Revolution and Shenzhou. This gaming laptop is ideal for users who care more about practicality of computer than the appearance.

618 Notebooks Ranked Top 10 in Economy Price Ranking
Acer Predator NEO engine

Processor i5-13500HX, RTX4060

2.5K Screen

Comments: The Acer Predator Engine is an updated version of Shadow Knight Engine. Its appearance and workmanship is much better than previous generation Shadow Knight. While performance is very powerful, temperature control is also very good. Even when keyboard is under heavy load, keyboard only gets slightly warmer. The downside is that it is very noisy when machine is hot.

618 Notebooks Ranked Top 10 in Economy Price Ranking
Lifeguard Lenovo Y7000P

Setup i5-13500H, RTX4050, 6999 yen

Setup i5-13700H, RTX4060, 7999 yen

Setup R7-7840H, RTX4060, 7499 yen

Hard disk 1T, screen resolution 2.5K

Comments. The 7000P series launched by Lenovo this year has been comprehensively upgraded in every aspect. In particular, screen design no longer has a large chin, and 1TB large capacity hard drive has also been upgraded. Whether it's looks, performance or price, a good balance has been struck. This year, this series has become benchmark among entry-level gaming laptops.

618 Notebooks Ranked Top 10 in Economy Price Ranking
Asus Choice 4

Configuring R7-7840H, RTX4060

2.5K screen resolution

Comments: ASUS Tianxuan 4 has no problems in terms of performance. At same time, it has a great appearance, complete appearance, and is relatively light in game book.

It should be noted that only RTX4060 graphics card configuration provides a 2.5k screen, while 4050 graphics card configuration provides a 1080p screen.

618 Notebooks Ranked Top 10 in Economy Price Ranking
HP Shadow Elf 9

Setup i5-13500HX, RTX4060, 7299 yen

Setup i5-13900HX, RTX4060, 8499 yen

Screen resolution 2.5k

Comments: The ninth generation Shadow Elf uses HX series processors as standard equipment. The processor performance is higher than competitors at same price, and it is also easy to buy, unlike neighbors that are always out of stock. However, there is still a flaw that has not been addressed, i.e. screen still retains large chin design.

618 Notebooks Ranked Top 10 in Economy Price Ranking
Lifeguard Lenovo R9000P

R9-7945HX processor, RTX4060 graphics card

Resolution 2.5k

Comments: This is currently highest theoretical performance notebook processor. The top processor has high power consumption and strong heat dissipation. It is recommended to change silicone grease frequently. Another disadvantage is that you cannot pick up item. In addition to e-commerce platform to see if there are any items, you can also go to Lenovo Mall to see if item is replenished

The theoretical performance of this R9 processor is highest among top processors. However, top-end processors tend to use more power and generate more heat, so it's a good idea to change silicone grease regularly to maintain cooling effect. In addition, this computer has disadvantage of being underpowered. Readers planning a purchase are advised, in addition to checking inventory on e-commerce platform, to also go to Lenovo Mall to check if there is a refill.