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router leaderboard

In many people's homes, routers have become an essential piece of equipment. The router is core of network and its importance is obvious. Choosing right router is an important task. In this article, we will introduce some of best routers along with their features and benefits, hoping to provide you with some background information for choosing a router.

1. Google WiFi (Google WiFi)

Google Wi-Fi is a powerful wireless networking system. It consists of a main router and two expansion devices. Google Wi-Fi uses Mesh network technology to help you get a stronger Wi-Fi signal in larger homes. In addition, we can also control router through Google Smart Home Assistant (Google Assistant).

2. ASUS AC5300

ASUS AC5300 is a premium router. It provides users with excellent performance and Wi-Fi signal strength. The router has 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 2 USB 3.0 ports. ASUS AC5300 also supports VPN connections and has a powerful built-in firewall to protect your network.


NETGEAR XR500 is a router for gamers. It uses DumaOS operating system, which provides low latency and high speed Wi-Fi signal. In addition, router also has a powerful QoS (Quality of Service) function, which can ensure that game will always run at highest quality. NETGEAR XR500 also supports VPN connections to keep your network secure.

4. TP-Link Archer C9

TP-Link Archer C9 uses 802.11ac technology, which provides superior Wi-Fi signal strength and transmission speed. The router supports MU-MIMO technology to connect multiple devices without compromising network speed. TP-Link Archer C9 also has powerful firewall and security features to protect your network.

5. Linksys WRT3200ACM

The Linksys WRT3200ACM is a router for high end users. It uses 802.11ac technology, which provides superior Wi-Fi signal power and speed. The router also uses MU-MIMO technology, which can support connection of multiple devices. In addition, Linksys WRT3200ACM supports VPN connections and has a powerful firewall to protect your network.

Whether you're buying a router for gaming or just need a better internet signal, routers featured in this article are just right for you. While these routers are somewhat pricey, their performance and features are definitely worth your investment. Hope this article helps you choose best router for you.