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How to set up a wireless router without a computer?


There are currently two main ways to configure wireless routers:

How to set up a wireless router without a computer?

1. Through computer setup, since there is no computer, it will pass

2. You can use your phone or tablet! Let me talk about this in detail. Since topic doesn't specify what brand of wireless router it is, I'll cover general method.

It can be divided into two methods: using application settings and setting through browser,

2.1 To use APP settings on your mobile phone, you must first verify your brand and then download and install corresponding APP. You can find name of APP on official website or on introductory page of JD.com, which is usually available in major app stores;< /p>

Recall that APP of Internet companies can generally set up wireless router at home (via WAN) in company, while APP of traditional manufacturers can only set up or manage wireless router at home!

2.2 The mobile phone uses browser settings. To do this, you need to find gateway IP address in mobile phone settings or check label on back of wireless router to find management IP address or domain name of wireless router. , and then enter IP address or domain name in browser (usually to enter settings page, account and password of wireless router can be found on back of wireless router!