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Sharing router setup skills, there will always be a useful day


Change username and password for managing router

Efficiency. Typically, default username and password for managing router is "admin". Changing them can prevent Internet scammers from using default username and password to easily change router settings.

Method. In router setup interface, change username and password in settings and change them regularly.

Benefits: Easiest and easiest to use.

Cons: limited effect.

Sharing router setup skills, there will always be a useful day

Change default LAN IP address to an unusual network segment

Efficiency: Prevent easy guessing by those surfing web.

Method: enter router setting interface, find local area network (LAN) setting setting, where "IP address" is your default IP address, usually "", change it to other values, such as " 192.168 .123.45 is enough.

Advantages: simplicity and ease of implementation, ease of network management.

Cons: Experienced hackers can still see changed default IP address.

Sharing router setup skills, there will always be a useful day

Close SSID broadcast

Function: The SSID is name of your wireless network and is usually associated with brand of router. After turning off SSID broadcast, device will not be able to see your network in list of wireless network search results.

Method. In router configuration interface, in basic wireless network configuration, you can see wireless router name (SSID), remember name, and then select "Close" in SSID broadcast option. Then, in your computer's wireless network configuration menu, add "preferred network" and enter hidden SSID name to connect to network.

Benefits: The average hacker can't find your network at all, so he won't try to break into it.

Cons: Connecting to network on a new device can be a little tricky.

MAC address filtering

Efficiency. Make sure that only devices that are on “allowed connections” list can connect to network, so even if router password is cracked, hackers will still not be able to connect to your wireless network.

Method: Log in to router's management interface, select "Wireless MAC Address Filtering" option from settings menu, select filter rule "Allow listed MAC addresses to access wireless network", and enter your device into list.

Benefits: Address filtering is a standard router feature that is easy to configure.

Disadvantages: Before connecting to Internet, each device must be added to filter list. Using different devices to connect to the Internet is quite problematic.

Sharing router setup skills, there will always be a useful day

Reduce transmit power

Efficiency. Control your wireless coverage area to prevent your neighbors from finding your wireless signal.

Method: Reduce transmit power on routers that support wireless transmit power throttling.

Benefits: The most direct and thorough way to block ability to retrieve data from Internet over a long distance.

Disadvantage: Not all devices support transmit power control.

Set a strong Wi-Fi password

Efficiency: a direct increase in difficulty of cracking a password.

Method: Enter router setup interface, click Tab or Security tab, select password WPA-PSKWPA2-PSK. The latter is recommended as it is harder to hack and more secure. The password must be at least 8 characters long and more than 16 is recommended. It should contain at least 3 of 4 types of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters, and it is best to change it from time to time.

Benefits: Easiest and simplest method.

Disadvantages: Faced with all sorts of cracking programs, effect is limited, password is too complicated and easy to forget.

Sharing router setup skills, there will always be a useful day

Change router management port

Efficiency. By default, router uses port 80 as management port. Under normal circumstances, you can enter management interface by entering IP address in browser. If you change management port, you need to add port number after IP address when you enter management interface of router, for example: Thus, other users can only log in to router for management after they know management port.

Method: Security settings (or system tools) in wireless router - web remote control, change web control port, for example, to 8080, save.

Benefits: simplicity and security

Disadvantage: Makes it harder to log in yourself.

Close DHCP

Effective: Prevent router from automatically assigning an IP address to device.

Method: Enter local area network (LAN) setting of router's configuration interface and choose to disable DHCP server.

Benefits: Even if you can find a wireless network signal, you cannot use network.

Disadvantage: After disabling DHCP, your own device must manually set IP address.

Access Point Isolation

Efficiency: Make devices connected to network isolated from each other and not interacting with each other so that rogue devices cannot snoop on your Internet data.

Method. In configuration interface of a router that supports this function, enable AP isolation.

Pros. Increases security of your data and online security.

Disadvantage: File transfer and sharing on same wireless network is basically unusable.