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Analysis of trend of computer equipment market at end of November and prospects for new products for December, there is still a long way to go


Hi everyone, I'm Xiao Jiang. As November draws to a close, Double 12 will be unveiled in mid-December. Today, we're taking a look at recent and future developments in mainframe accessory market.

First of all, everyone's biggest concern is graphics card. During Double Eleven's existence, supply from various manufacturers was quite good, resulting in many wonderful cars. The price has basically changed. reached lowest price this year. However, Double Eleven is over. At present, all manufacturers have begun to raise their strategies. Colorful and Asustek have taken lead in raising prices, and 16-30 series mid-range and high-end graphics cards have basically risen by about 100-300 yuan. Moreover, due to reduction in supply of HB to my country, price may be higher at later stages.

However, next December, NV may release several new models, such as 12 Gigabit version of RTX2060 that has been mentioned all along, and RTX3050, which has been on laptop for a long time, should be released in December. And it will be launched one by one. another in January and you can expect a wave of good prices at that time. After all, price of a video card is still good when it is first released. (See last year's debut of 30 episodes)

The second is a new generation of DDR5 memory. Since power module built into motherboard has been moved to memory itself, amount of DDR5 memory has increased, up to a 6x increase. What's more, there is currently only one company in world that can produce this accessory, and that company has now also been hit by chips and the epidemic, resulting in reduced production capacity. So soon, I'm afraid that DDR5 memory will find itself in a quandary where there is no price but no market.

Unlike DDR4 with mature technology, Micron, Samsung, Hynix and other manufacturers have even begun to stop ramping up chip production to alleviate oversupply situation. DDR4 memory is expected to be in a state of slow decline before end of next year. Friends who are limited but want to experience 12th generation Core can prefer 12th generation CPU with a motherboard that supports DDR4 to improve overall performance at a cost .

Current price changes for other accessories are relatively stable:

The main board has been quiet for a long time since Double Eleven, and big brands haven't moved. However, Z690 motherboard is also relatively out of stock and price is still a bit high.

In terms of CPU, 12th gen Core processor has shown a slow downward trend since its release, and other gens such as 10th gen are also slowly declining at same time. For AMD, there are no lower models that can compete with competitors (It's even a shame to use 3100 to fight 10400F), 5000 series processors are cost-effective at moment, but there is no clear price reduction, you can wait and see.

When it comes to SSDs, manufacturers have suddenly started raising prices a bit. A possible reason is that manufacturers have reached their expected revenue for this quarter and have started raising prices to boost profits. Fortunately, range is very small and has little effect on ordinary consumers.

The above is a brief overview and analysis of Xiaojiang's recent and future mainframe accessory market for reference. All predictions are my personal feeds and gossip from manufacturer, not necessarily accurate and for reference only if predictions are accurate you can like and follow me and I will continue to bring you "Reliable » market forecast.