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Analysis of causes of automatic power off when computer is turned on


If we encounter phenomenon of automatic power off when computer is turned on, do we get very upset? Many friends may not know what caused it, so this article will look at reasons why computer turns off automatically when you turn it on..

Phenomena 1:

Turn on power switch, press power button to turn it on, fan rotates, machine moves, after a while power turns off, fan does not move, indicator is off, and pressing power button is useless. Turn on power, reboot machine after a while and repeat above situation. After turning off power of hard drive, it can be turned on until it detects that hard drive does not have this step. Then tidy up power supply of optical drive, and it can turn on and work normally for a day (without turning off for a longer period of time).

Analysis of causes of automatic power off when computer is turned on

Analysis of causes. Such an automatic power off after booting is most likely due to a malfunction of power supply or motherboard. There are various reasons for failure, such as microchip chip, capacitor burnout, a problem with a certain circuit, etc. Generally speaking, such a malfunction cannot be repaired by individuals, it is recommended to send it for repair or replace related accessories. It is recommended that you first try replacing power supply. In addition, quality of mains power supply (such as low voltage, abnormal fluctuations, etc.) may also cause power-on and power-off failures. The power-on failure can also be caused by following reasons: firstly, there is a problem with chassis power switch, such as a defective return spring, and secondly, CPU has been overclocked or CPU fan has a problem. Third, accessories such as optical drives and hard drives are susceptible to short circuits.

Phenomena 2:

The computer will automatically turn off after being turned on for ten seconds. The processor, etc. have been cleaned and power supply should be fine because it can be turned on normally when testing another computer's hardware.

Cause Analysis: Possibly high CPU temperature. It is recommended that you first download CPU temperature checker software from Internet to check if problem is related to CPU and then decide whether to replace fan or add silicone. .

The third phenomenon:

When temperature drops, our computer automatically turns off when turned on, which has never happened before.

Cause Analysis: The drop in temperature may cause some problems that we cannot understand. It is recommended to open computer case, disconnect and install all plug-ins inside and see if problem can be solved afterwards.

The above is an analysis of reasons why computer automatically turns off when turned on, and I hope it can help you.