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12th generation Intel processor performance explodes! Announced in September of this year


Recently, Lao Huang blocks processing power of graphics card from core and other aspects in order to clean up mining. This move is really getting applause from players. That said, Intel next door isn't sitting idle either: while 11th-gen Core toothpaste sucks, its 10nm 12th-gen Core has really attracted a lot of people. According to latest data, Intel will officially announce release of 12th generation Core as early as September this year, saying that it has an unprecedented performance improvement.

Actually, news about 12th Gen Core has been posted before. In particular, Twitter user @unikoshardware said: The 12th generation Intel Core will be officially announced as early as September of this year, and at same time corresponding 600 series chipset will be released.

However, after launch of 11th Gen Core, due to its high power consumption and low energy efficiency, Intel had to pre-market 12th Gen Core that it is proud of. After all, you can not lose face.

According to situation previously disclosed by videocardz, 12th Gen Alder Lake cores will be built using Intel's advanced 10nm SuperFin process. Combined with second generation Xe Core graphics card, maximum specification can reach 16 cores and 24 threads. To further reduce heat generation and power consumption, 12th generation core will integrate large and small core designs widely used in industry.

Golden Cove big core will have 8 high performance cores with a maximum frequency of 4.6GHz (up to 2 cores) and Gracemont small core will also have 8 high performance cores. The maximum frequency is 3.4GHz (1-4 cores). However, according to latest engineering samples presented, power consumption is not low, and the TDP thermal design power consumption has reached 125W (56S can work)

At same time, due to replacement of chipset, motherboard socket has also been upgraded from 11th generation LGA1200 to LGA1700, and corresponding size will be further increased. According to videocardz, the LGA 1700 socket may continue to be used by three generations of products, which means that future generations of Core 12/13/14 should be based on this interface.

It is also worth noting that DDR5 memory and PCI-E5.0 technology, which players are looking forward to, is also expected to equip Core 12th generation. Such performance.

In terms of performance, according to Intel's official statement, 12th generation Core processors will have ultra-high performance, of which performance of a single core will be directly improved by 20% compared to 11-band products, and multi-threading capability will be directly doubled . At same time, it also consumes 5400MHz dual-channel DDR5 memory and PCI-E 5.0X20 protocol bandwidth. If so, then 12th Gen Core is probably first time in years that Intel has stopped squeezing out toothpaste.