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Added strange knowledge! The more computer memory, better?


Hi everyone, I'm Xiao Jiang. We often stop production or hear that mobile phones with 128G "memory" are only sold for 1999, so why do you dare to sell a pair of high-quality 8G memory cards for 1000? Memory has become random access memory (RAM), and in mobile phones, built-in memory (ROM/external memory) is used to refer to memory. It's not a scientific name, it's a completely different concept than built-in storage. Then I'll show you today about memory.

There are two branches of memory called DRAM (Dynamic Memory) and SRAM (Static Memory). Cache Cache). We won't talk about SRAM in detail, we just need to know that L3 cache of current processor (L3 Cache) is most important, and its purpose is to reduce data transfer latency between processor and memory. As CPU performance improves, more L4 cache processors will enter our lives in future.

Added strange knowledge! The more computer memory, better?
The role of memory?

Why is this 8G memory faster than 200 yuan?

Added strange knowledge! The more computer memory, better?

1T mechanical hard drive sells for less than 300 RMB

Added strange knowledge! The more computer memory, better?

Everyone knows that memory can't store data, so why not let processor and hard drive communicate directly? Since CPU is very fast, memory as a tool can significantly reduce interaction between CPU and hard drive. If we directly remove memory, even if CPU speed does not slow down, it will take a long time for CPU to transfer billions of data points to hard disk, which will greatly increase latency and seriously affect efficiency of computer.

Memory is also known as volatile memory. Roughly speaking, after turning off memory, all saved data will disappear. Even if read and write speeds of highest performing SSDs and memory are still several orders of magnitude worse, hard drives are still essential if you want to keep your data forever!

The history of development of memory

Four generations of DRAM have been developed so far, and fifth generation is on its way. Friends who are relatively familiar with computers must have heard of this:

Added strange knowledge! The more computer memory, better?

However, DDR and DDR2 are mostly antiques, so we won't mention them here. At present, mainstream platforms still use DDR3 and DDR4. It should be noted that different generations of memory are incompatible with each other due to different interfaces.

Added strange knowledge! The more computer memory, better?

Even if a brilliant motherboard manufacturer comes up with some magic modification design and releases a motherboard that is compatible with two generations of memory at same time, it still won't be able to use memory of different generations.

The memory of a certain treasure is still very cheap when it is used in an activity. Should I buy four or eight to fill memory slots? Doesn't this look outrageous? To be honest, there is nothing wrong with saying that more memory is better, but a blind increase in memory may not be suitable for all scenarios. If you need to use professional office or rendering programs, it is absolutely necessary to increase amount of memory depending on situation.

Added strange knowledge! The more computer memory, better?

But how much memory should ordinary people buy?

First of all, let's talk about ordinary office users, for most use cases, one 8G memory is enough, and memory can be increased accordingly according to actual situation. If you're a studio on a tight budget, 4G storage is also a good choice.

Added strange knowledge! The more computer memory, better?

For gamers and regular home consoles, we recommend starting with 16GB of memory. Although 8GB is usually sufficient, but if you use two 8GB memory to form dual channel, you can greatly improve memory performance, although Perception is not strong. and a good solution to speed up computer. However, in some cases, perception is still not strong, so try to sheathe processor and video card when budget is not enough.

Added strange knowledge! The more computer memory, better?

Dual channel memory is not as simple as inserting two memory slots. If motherboard originally has two memory slots, in this case, two memory slots are fully inserted, which is dual-channel. In case of four memory modules, slots typically 1, 3 slots, and 2/4 slots can form dual channels, respectively. But it's not that 1/2/3/4 can be turned into four channels by connecting four of them. Very few mainstream motherboards support quad-channel memory. As for X-series or server motherboards with more than 8 slots, please check your motherboard manual for details.

Added strange knowledge! The more computer memory, better?

Therefore, when you want to upgrade your computer's memory, you should pay attention to size and frequency of original memory. The price of a memory card will vary greatly due to relationship between supply and demand in market. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy a higher premium during price increase period. High-quality memory such as low-cost memory of a certain brand or a certain brand, as well as some memory models with a higher memory frequency or RGB memory prodigal son. Get it when you need it or when you need it.

If you are a regular user who doesn't need overclocking, a regular low-timing memory module with a lifetime warranty is enough, which is a very suitable choice. Of course, if you are a "poor" student squad, then you can also buy RGB vests and memory of a well-known brand at a higher premium.

Added strange knowledge! The more computer memory, better?

If it's a B-series, H-series, or A-series motherboard that can't be overclocked, then I recommend multi-vendor shared memory such as Kingston, ADATA, Zhiqi, Corsair, Crucial, Team Group, Asgard. Special, Guangwei, GALAX, Colorful and so on.

Added strange knowledge! The more computer memory, better?
So is it necessary to overclock memory?

First, pay attention to motherboard model. Generally speaking, Intel Z, X, AMD B, and X series motherboards natively support overclocking. But Intel B-series, H-series, and AMD A-series motherboards do not support memory overclocking. Of course, some demon boards are excluded. The memory frequency has a large change, which can be clearly seen in real experience. And in some large-scale games, high-frequency memory will also greatly help gameplay. Generally speaking, higher memory frequency, better. High frequency memory means faster read and write speeds. It is enough for ordinary players to know only that first parameter marked on field is most important parameter (having greatest impact on latency).

Added strange knowledge! The more computer memory, better?

Perhaps after so much talk, I still don't know how to choose memory, so let's summarize a simple technique:

Note. If you are a regular user who does not need overclocking:

First: maximize capacity of memory card, children's shoes that do not like to play games, no need to add it.

Second, try to buy memory with highest frequency supported by motherboard. Friends who don't just need it can wait until 618 or double 11 to get in car.

Third, since there is no need for overclocking, there is no need to opt for relatively expensive RGB memory. Many RGB memories are harder to overclock, except for "some poor family members."

In a nutshell: capacity>two-channel>price>time>frequency>brand

If you're a high-end player who needs a boost:

First, select a memory module with a relatively high frequency. The higher frequency of memory module, more active memory module will be during operation.

Second, it's better to choose memory particles that are relatively easy to overclock.

Third, choose a memory module with as low a timing as possible. The lower timing, lower memory latency.

Saying: Frequency>Particle>Time>Price (brand and capacity are no longer considered by overclocking users. Most motherboards have two RAM modules that are more suitable for overclocking. It may not be recommended to fill memory slots. )

The above is a weird lore about how to choose memory cards that has been summarized for you today. If it helps you, please bookmark and support editor, thanks!