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Can SSDs Improve Gaming Performance? Are games stored on SSD or HDD?


Editor: Xiaolong

As we all know, main hardware of a computer is basically processor and graphics card. The smoothness of game mainly depends on graphics card. The quality of video card directly affects frame rate in game. However, a netizen recently asked an editor that his computer has roughly same configuration as his friend's computer and they are on same network, but game loading is not as fast as other member's, and difference is mainly a minute or two. Looking at configurations of both computers, it was found that fast computer uses a solid state hard drive, while network user's computer uses a mechanical hard drive, and other configurations are same. So can SSDs improve gaming performance? The next installment home will give you non-fiction.

Can SSDs Improve Gaming Performance? Are games stored on SSD or HDD?

Solid State Drive

Should game be hosted on a solid state or mechanical hard drive?

We recommend that you place it on a solid state hard drive. If your computer is equipped with a solid state hard drive and a mechanical hard drive, it is recommended to split solid state drive into two areas. disk is used for system installation, usually 50G-100G, and D disk is used for installation. Commonly used software, games, and mechanical hard disks are used for data storage.

Can SSDs Improve Gaming Performance? Are games stored on SSD or HDD?

Can SSDs improve gaming performance?

Solid-state hard drives are generally faster than mechanical hard drives. The system installed on solid-state hard drives is greatly improved. As a rule, it can be downloaded to desktop within 10 seconds. Installing game on a solid state hard drive will also improve game. You should know that local game files are downloaded to computer disk. When we download and read game, we will read local game files, so game will also greatly improve loading when game is placed on solid state hard drive.

Game acceleration with an SSD is basically a speedup when loading a game and switching large scenes. It does not affect frame rate of game. The video card mainly affects frame rate in game. The video card must also be balanced, low U and high display will also affect frame rate, personal test.

Generally speaking, read speed of a SATA3.0 SSD is about three times faster than that of a mechanical HDD, and read and write speed of an M.2 NVMe SSD will be even faster. However, capacity of ordinary SSDs is mostly small. At present, capacity of mainstream SSDs is about 240GB, and initial capacity of mechanical hard drives is 1TB. At present, speed of traditional mechanical hard drives has reached a critical point, and solid state drives are future trend.

Can SSDs Improve Gaming Performance? Are games stored on SSD or HDD?

After that, netizens solved problem of slow loading of games by adding SSDs, and speed of last two computers is clearly similar.

The above is computer knowledge shared by Installer. In future, if you have an SSD, don't just provide it for system, but share it with your frequently used software and games to boost your reading speed. I hope this article can help everyone.