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Some updating software tools


Today, I will share 10 update software tools, including 5 computer programs and 5 websites on Internet, each carefully selected by me, and each one will be amazing.


Koodo Reader

Koodo Reader is a free and open source local e-book reader that can help you easily manage and read local e-books in various formats; software supports Windows, macOS, Linux and web versions.

I shared this tool last year. At that time, software only supported epub format. Now it supports pdf, docx, txt, epub, mobi, azw3, djvu, cbz, cbr, cbt, fb2, html, etc, up to 15 major ebook formats, so share them today.

It provides an installable version as well as a non-installable version. The no-install version is small and can be used by double-clicking to open it; experience is very good.

It supports powerful local e-book management functions, can import e-books locally, supports e-book classification, e-book sorting, and sorting function supports ascending and descending order by book title, added time, reading time, reading progress, etc. .d.

It supports various ebook layouts, including: map mode, list mode, cover mode.

It supports advanced reading features that can help you read and study books efficiently. It will display current reading progress, current reading time, time it takes to complete reading this chapter, number of pages in this chapter, and number of chapters.

Its reading function supports multiple views, including: single-page mode, double-page mode, and scroll mode, and supports customization of background color, text color, font size, page margins, word spacing, paragraph spacing, screen brightness, font. , line spacing, text justification, first line indent, bold, italic, underline, text shadow, color invert, no footer, no header, no fake background.

It supports text-to-speech function and also supports text-to-speech function. Click button to open book to listen to realize text-to-speech.

In addition to being a powerful reading function, it is also a very useful learning tool that supports many learning functions.

Select text content with your mouse and you will see following function options, including: Take notes, highlight, translate, copy, search entire book, read text.

The selection function supports 8 colors and 2 selection types.

Functions that can be seen on left side of reading interface include: table of contents, bookmarks, notes, highlights, and full book search.

This section displays all bookmarks, notes, and highlights of this book. By clicking on any of them, you can jump to corresponding position.

Back to main interface of software, you can see all books, my favorites, my notes, my highlights and my rework, among which my notes and my highlights will display notes and highlights of all Bright ebooks.

You can also navigate to notes and highlights by clicking on any of them.

It also supports useful backup and restore features.

Overall, it's completely free, small in size, beautiful in appearance, powerful in features, supports many e-book formats and learning features, and worth trying local e-book reader software.


Master Word

Word Genie is a very powerful add-in for Word; software supports Windows version.

It is small in size, easy to install, rich in functions, supports more than 100 practical functions, only 20 functions are limited to use, and rest of functions are completely open for free use.

It supports powerful batch processing features, including: batch create table numbers, batch create table headers, batch image scaling, batch insert and export images, batch image centering, batch cleanup. blank lines, space at beginning of line, space at end of line, text field and header and footer, batch replace, batch print, batch set page numbers, batch set page margins, batch format conversion, batch file naming, batch change fonts and lines headers, footers, spacing, merging documents in batches, separating documents in batches, batch exporting Word data to Excel, batch creating PDF files, unifying image sizes, etc.

It also supports features such as: Export to Excel, Split & Merge, Mark Value, Paragraph Indent, Translate Text, Insert Number, Manual Input, Free Pagination, Calculation Expression, Switch Letters, Signature, Selected Value, extraction. Features such as numeric values, converting decimals to percentages, unified full-width and half-width punctuation, and paragraph encryption.

Each of its features are easy to use, and each feature comes with a tutorial. Hold down Ctrl key and click function button to open Animation Tutorial.



RunCat is a cute and funny computer program that supports a Windows version.

Its main function is to display a running cat on taskbar, and cat's running speed reflects CPU usage of your computer. When CPU usage increases, cat's running speed increases. pace decreases, cat will slow down running speed.

And when you hover your mouse over cat, it will display your computer's real-time CPU usage in numerical form.

It's free and interesting, no installation is required, you can use software by double-clicking it to open it, open software, there will be no interface, and you will see a running cat on taskbar.

Right click taskbar icon to change style of cat or turn cat into a parrot; if you have already opened program, and then double-click program icon again, another cat will appear in taskbar, so you can simultaneously. There are many cats on taskbar, and style of each cat can be set with a right click, which is very interesting.



Quicklook is a free and open source computer file preview software; software supports Windows version.

It supports PC version with exe suffix, no installation required, just double click to open it; it also supports UWP version, you can find and download it in Win10 app store.

Its function is to press space bar to preview file. You only need to left-click to select a file and then press spacebar to view contents of preview file at a very high speed. .

Preview supports many file formats, including folders, images, videos, audio, compressed packages, Office documents, epub, pdf, psd, ai, apk, etc.

Some features require installation of plug-ins. Right-click on software icon on taskbar to see "Get Plugins" button, then you can download plugins.

After downloading plug-in, left-click to select plug-in, and then press space bar to install plug-in.

Overall, it is a free and practical application with a variety of use cases that can improve efficiency of our daily work in the office.


MP3 cut and merge wizard

MP3 Cut Merge Master is a completely free audio cutting and merging software; The program supports Windows version.

It's completely free, interface is minimal and clear, layout is clear and you can understand how to use it at a glance.

Its main function is lossless cutting, audio cutting and merging speed is very fast, and audio merging function supports merging audio in multiple formats, for example, it can merge audio in MP3 and WAV formats.

Its audio trimming and merging functions can set output directory, and audio merging function also supports setting parameters such as audio quality, sample rate, etc.

Overall, it's free and easy to use, it supports lossless slicing, sound quality remains same, and processing speed is very fast, worth a try.



Musicca is a completely free tool for learning music theory.

It's completely free, helps you learn basic music skills and theory, and makes learning fun and productive with fun exercises and exercises.

It supports opening learning on computer or mobile.

It has very powerful features and supports two large sections of musical exercises and musical instruments. Music exercises include: tone, interval, chord, scale, key, musical instrument, and musical instruments include: piano, guitar, bass, percussion generator, metronome, chord search index, scale search index, interval search index , musical terms, intervals and songs, empty staff.

Each category will be categorized in more detail, such as scales can improve your ability to read, write and play scales, including: major and natural minor, minor, pentatonic and blues, church modes, extended ear training.

Intervals include: notation, name, second and third degrees, fourth and fifth degrees, and so on. Each category contains several exercises and listening exercises.

In musical instruments section, you can play piano, guitar and bass online, as well as an online drum generator, an online metronome, an online guitar tuner, an online bass tuner.

Each tool has a detailed introduction and a description of how to use it.

In musical instruments section, you can also find chords, scales and intervals for piano, guitar and ukulele, which can be switched.

Overall, it has a minimalistic interface, a small and fresh style, and a very good appearance. It supports powerful music theory learning functions and rich online music tools. This is a very good website for learning music online.



Typatone is a fun and interesting decompression site.

Its main feature is that each keyboard has a corresponding timbre. When you press keyboard, it makes a sound. You can press keyboard randomly to make sound in real time. After you stop pressing keyboard and wait, beautiful sound of Pure Music will be generated for a while.

That is, you only need to press keyboard to create a piece of beautiful pure music, and press different keyboards, timbre will be different, and generated pure music will also be different.

In addition to clicking letters and numbers with mouse, you can also click fourth button on interface, where you can enter content using keyboard without clicking mouse.

The second interface button is for turning sound on and off, third interface button is for changing audio speed, pitch, etc. of music, and fifth interface button is for loading generated audio file.

It has a beautiful interface, background color changes, and there's a beautiful note transition animation that makes people's eyes shine.

It can be opened on a computer or mobile phone, and mobile phone operation is also very convenient.

Overall, it's fun and interesting. When you press keyboard, it makes a sound and finally generates a piece of beautiful clear music, which is very suitable for decompression and relaxation.


FM tree

Tree FM is an amazing gem of a site.

Its main function is sound of forest. The website collects forest sounds from all over world. Open website and click Listen to Random Forest button at bottom of interface.

The sound of forest will then play randomly. Click "Next forest please" button at bottom of interface, another forest will appear with sound of another forest.

In addition to pleasant sound of forest, website will also display beautiful images of forest. Each image is very exquisite and dynamic, which will let you have a very good impression.

The geographical location of forest, name of forest, and recorder will also be displayed at bottom of interface.

It's usage scenarios are very rich, and it can be used as white noise for meditation and relaxation, sleeping pills, focused study and work, etc.

It supports both computers and mobile phones, and is very convenient.


Gradient folders

Gradient Folders is a free and easy to use online gradient folder tool.

Its main function is to provide about 40 beautiful gradient color icons, you can download icon folder set for Windows, and you can also download icon folder set for Mac.

It provides download of icon, once downloaded you need to unzip file.

It also provides a method to customize icon. For example, on Windows, all you have to do is right-click on a folder, find properties, configure, change icon, browse, and then select your downloaded icon file and click OK.

Each of his gradient icons is very pretty and they are all in ico format. Folders with different contents may use different icons.


Vue color avatar

Vue Color Avatar is a free online avatar generator.

It's completely free, interface is minimal, and value is very high, it supports 3 avatar shapes, 18 background colors, and you can also set avatar face, hair, headdress, ears, earrings, eyebrows, nose, eyes, beard, fashion style.

You can click to switch in any combination.

In addition to clicking to toggle, you can also click random avatar button to randomly generate an avatar and click to flip horizontally


button flips avatar.

Finally, click upload avatar button to upload generated avatar with one click, and click code button to view image code or copy code.