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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra New Rendering: Comes with S Pen


Previous news shows that official launch of Samsung's S-series flagship is expected in January next year.

Now, as time goes on, there are more and more revelations about this series.

Based on latest news, new Samsung Galaxy S21 series will be represented by three models Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Two versions of Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+ use a straight screen, while extra-large Galaxy S21 Ultrauses a curved screen. .

At same time, as a model with a very large cup, new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is expected to support S Pen stylus. Based on this, there are now corresponding appearance images on web.

Combined with renders, it can be seen that Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra uses a curved screen design with a center hole directly above screen, and body's rear camera module is larger than previously revealed Samsung Galaxy. C21+.

As for this stylus, relevant details have also emerged.

But at same time, there is news that on new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung will not equip it with a stylus recess.

In other words, users who wish to have a stylus must purchase a separate pen case and mobile phone case to accommodate stylus.

In addition to stylus design, this set of renders also shows look and feel color scheme that Samsung may bring to Galaxy S21 Ultra.

As you can see from rendering, there are four color schemes: black, silver, brown, and navy.

But related news shows that there will be only two versions after official release: black and silver, with brown and dark blue schemes coming later.

Of course, actual design plan won't be known until final release, so you can stay tuned for updates.