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After buying a new computer, how to inspect goods?


After buying a new computer after a lot of choice, we don't just start playing it as soon as we get it. First of all, we must inspect product to ensure that product we receive is not perfect, but there should be no quality problems. Especially for desktop computers, we must check whether accessories are brand or model that we purchased, so how to find a computer? Apart from teardown, there are actually a lot of software that can be used. Here are some commonly used PC testing tools.

After buying a new computer, how to inspect goods?


It used to be called EVEREST. This software can test all kinds of accessories of whole computer and their detailed information. It supports various processors, motherboards, video cards, etc.


Many people place high demands on computer screens, so nowadays you can use DisplayX tool to check screen quality and dead pixels.


This is most common and well-known detection tool. It is mainly used for CPU detection. It can display various detailed CPU parameters. If it's a desktop computer, it can be used to determine if it's fake. In addition to CPU, you can also test other data such as memory.


This is a graphics card testing tool similar to CPU-Z that can display various graphics card parameters in detail.


Software used to test CPU stability. It is a performance testing tool to test processing power and stability of CPU by calculating pi to make CPU run under high load.


This is a CPU and GPU test software that can evaluate CPU and GPU performance, and test results are quite convincing.


It is common to see a 3DMark score in review articles, which is used to test performance of a graphics card. The current graphics card rating mainly reflects performance of game.


It is used to detect hard drive. It can detect transfer speed, health status, temperature, etc. At same time, some simple hard disk parameters such as capacity, serial number, and 4K resolution alignment can also be measured.

Information about CrystalDisk

It is also a hard disk detection tool, which can also read hard disk status and other parameters such as usage time, temperature, speed, interface, etc.


The name is similar, and it's also a hard drive detection tool, not to mention it's simple and easy to use.

AS SSD Reference

This is an SSD testing software and is most commonly used SSD evaluation tool on market. It can test performance of continuous read and write, 4K alignment, 4K random read and write, and response time.


Laptop users need this software that can monitor statuscomputer battery, such as factory condition, battery capacity, standby time, etc. The battery parameters are displayed in detail, but we usually check capacity when buying a computer., mainly depends on second-hand goods.