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How to solder circuits with a soldering iron


A soldering iron is most important tool for repairing electrical appliances. With it, you can create and modify small circuits, so many friends who like to study circuits buy a soldering iron. Soldering circuit looks simple but still requires some skill for friends trying it for first time.

How to solder circuits with a soldering iron

Basic Circuit Soldering Tools

A soldering iron is required when working with circuits. Many people just buy a soldering iron before soldering, which is not enough. A soldering iron can only be used to dissolve solder, and it can be used to repair a circuit with a lot of solder, but if you want to change and make a circuit, this will not work. So at least there should be solder wire and solder paste (or rosin). After solder wire melts, it can form solder joints on PCB, which are used to connect wires, pins, and PCBs; Solder paste is a paste flux that can increase solder fluidity and make PCB and wire contact better.

How to solder circuits with a soldering iron

Steps and methods of welding

When soldering circuit, first prepare above materials, then turn on electric soldering iron, dip soldering iron tip into solder paste when soldering iron is slightly heated, and then cover soldering iron tip with solder wire when solder can be dissolved. during soldering.

Before soldering, apply solder paste to solder points and wires to aid soldering. This is a very important step, because solder has a certain tension, it will collect in form of small balls after dissolving, like water on a lotus leaf, it is not easy to flow, and it is difficult to place with solder. on spot where it needs to be soldered without applying solder paste. The spot, or even if it touches part to be welded, it can be soldered, and it easily falls off or has poor contact.

How to solder circuits with a soldering iron


When soldering, pay attention to contact time between soldering iron and PCB, since temperature of soldering iron is high and components may burn if contact time is too long. If it is poorly soldered, remove soldering iron first and solder again after board has cooled down.

The amount of solder used should be determined according to PCB size. If PCB and components are small and too much solder is taken, solder can get into other places and cause a short circuit on board. printed circuit board.

The temperature of metal part on front of soldering iron will be very high after power is applied. When using it, do not allow heated part of soldering iron to come into contact with clothing, skin, or power cord. soldering iron and other parts that are easily scalded. Buy or make a soldering iron stand yourself. It is better not to scald other parts.

If there are children at home, do not let them play near soldering iron to avoid burns.

When soldering iron is turned on, people should not leave soldering iron and develop habit of turning off power, otherwise, once they forget, there may be serious consequences.

There will be a lot of smoke during welding, so ventilation should be paid attention to in welding environment, so as not to affect health.