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12th generation Intel Core processor: break or fail


Hi everyone, I'm Xiao Jiang. With strong debut of AMD's 5000-series processors, toothpaste-squeezing Intel is having a hard time keeping up, and "strongest gaming processor" position that has always been proud of can no longer sit still. significantly improved IPC performance, reducing i9 processor, which should have had 10 cores, to 8 cores, which corresponds to same specification as i7. (I immediately sucked a mouthful of toothpaste)

12th generation Intel Core processor: break or fail

But I won't discuss 11th gen processors with you today, as I mentioned in an article a few years ago that 11th gen processors might be one of shortest-lived generations. Today I want to talk to you about 12th generation processor using new 10nm architecture.

12th generation Intel Core processor: break or fail

The 12th generation of processors can be considered most innovative generation of Intel X86 processors in recent years. First, this generation of products uses advanced 10NM SuperFin process, and for first time, concept of large and small cores used in mobile phones is introduced into desktop processors. Theoretically, it can support up to 16 cores and 24 threads. This could be first time that Intel has nearly matched the number of cores of its competitors in desktop-level processors.

12th generation Intel Core processor: break or fail

Actually, performance of its large and small cores is not same. Only large core supports hyper-threading technology, and small core does not, so above asymmetric characteristics of 16 cores and 24 threads appear. . The big core uses Golden Cove, small core uses Gracemont, and graphics card finally abandoned Wannian UHD630 and adopted latest GT1 main display with improved Xe architecture.

12th generation Intel Core processor: break or fail

This major update to 12th generation processor also brings many "trending" features such as first support for future DDR5 memory and direct support for PCI-E 5.0. If we talk about rejection of PCI-E4.0, then result is a direct transition to PCIE5.0. And according to unreliable news, this time 12th generation Intel Core processor has been transformed into a PowerPoint design and turbo frequency has reached a terrifying 5.8GHz.

Then it also turned out that there could be following models:

I3 12530F(K)6c12t, 4.8-5.0GHz

Intel Xe Graphics I3 12660 6c12t 4.7-4.9GHz

I5 12690F(K)8c16t 4.8-5.1GHz (Intel Xe Graphics)

I7 12780X(K,F)10c20t, 4.7-5.2GHz

I7 12810K (unknown)

I9 12900K 16c32t 4.9-5.3GHz (Intel Xe primary display)

You read that right, i3 with K here

12th generation Intel Core processor: break or fail

Of course, with so many new features and architectural changes, it's easy to see that you're going to change your motherboard again! The 12th Gen Core interface is a new LGA1700 interface that needs to be used with latest 600 series motherboard, so if you have a friend with a 10th Gen CPU, you don't need to rush to replace 12th Gen because you may not necessarily need its performance.

To sum it up, do you think 12th gen Intel processor is enough to draw you in, and whether Intel can use it to reclaim throne of the strongest gaming processor, we'll have to wait and see this September.