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Is a processor or graphics card important when buying a gamebook?


"Why don't books I buy online live up to my expectations? Judging by introduction, it doesn't."

"Why am I using a laptop that is highly rated by professional experts but not as good as they say?"

"Why is this gaming laptop so high in sales charts, but I bought it and felt it was so bad that everything got stuck?"

The above questions come up for many people after purchasing their favorite books. However, having bought them all, even if they are not satisfying, they often just hold their nose and admit it. However, many people ignore reason for this situation. after purchase.The reason is that often at a loss when replacing next time.

Today, I will give you a detailed analysis of configuration parameters and product positioning in notebook products, as well as best products that can really meet needs of users under real needs of users. I believe that after reading this article carefully, every student can become I am a semi-master in buying notebooks.

Processor Articles: The Two Major Brands Intel and AMD

What is point of buying a gaming laptop? A lot of people think it's performance. That's right, performance is indeed a very important part of a gaming laptop. In a sense, processor, graphics card, memory, and hard drive are keys to a gaming laptop, but in a sense, processor and graphics card determine quality of game. The upper limit of budget, so graphics card is just as important as processor .

For notebook products, Intel and AMD processors are currently available on market.

intel: Standard voltage processors perform better, low voltage processors consume less power

Currently, mainstream and popular Intel mobile processors can be roughly divided into two categories: 1. standard voltage processors, that is, high-performance products with H, HQ, HK suffixes, such as i7-8700H; voltage processors. , i.e. low power products with product suffix U such as i5-8200U. Once categories are separated, purchase actually becomes much clearer, and what users need is to prescribe right medicine.

·Users who need to run large-scale games and professional graphics software prefer standard voltage series processors

The H suffix indicates a dual-core product, while products with HQ and HK suffix indicate a quad-core series. Among them, i5 series processor is a quad-core four-thread, and i7 series is a quad-core eight-thread. When running a multi-core optimized process, i7 has more obvious advantages, and products with HK suffix can support overclocking, and performance is more powerful. Currently common standard pressure processors arei7-8750H, i7-8700/8700HQ, and product layout is front to back.

For friends who need to run food games, i7 is undoubtedly best choice. Various large-scale online MMORPG games such as Chicken Eater, Apex Heroes, Jian Wang III, Assassin's Creed, Crysis, Battlefield, etc. -Some masterpieces, higher main frequency and more cores will bring an extremely obvious increase in frame rate, and data such as frame lag will be more stable.

For example, in a scene from Assassin's Creed Revolution where thousands of people share same screen, CPU plays just as much of a role as graphics card. Not only games, high-performance processors are also top priority in the application of software decoding, transcoding, and various professional image processing software.

Is a processor or graphics card important when buying a gamebook?

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·Low-voltage series processors are obviously more suitable for some popular games

Low-voltage series processors are obviously more suitable for friends who need to carry laptops for office work and business trips, as well as friends who like to watch movies and play some popular games. Because books equipped with this type of processor are relatively thin and light products, they can provide sufficient performance while being more portable.

Low-voltage processors can still provide high performance in turbo mode, so it's also possible to run some programs with slightly higher requirements from time to time. The current common low-voltage processor is i7-8265U/8500U, and product positioning is from front to back.

Is a processor or graphics card important when buying a gamebook?

Low voltage processors are actually low power processors. This type of processor has a low TDP and can adapt to relatively poor heat dissipation performance of thin and light molds. Although absolute performance is lower than standard voltage of processors, it can handle office demand and audio-visual entertainment is not a problem, and some low-demand games can also run smoothly with products equipped with independent graphics.

AMD: 2nd Generation AMD Ryzen 3000 Series Mobile Processors Officially Enter Gaming Market

With release of Ryzen processors, more and more thin and light laptops are using Ryzen processors, but gaming laptops are rare. The official release of Ryzen 3000 series mobile processors at CES 2019 indicates that AMD has officially entered playing field.

Is a processor or graphics card important when buying a gamebook?

As for choice of model, there are not so many of them at moment. The Ryzen 3000 series mobile processor refers to second generation Ryzen mobile processor. It is based on 12nm manufacturing process and is divided into standard pressure and low voltage. Versions 7 3750H and Ryzen 5 3550H with 4 cores and 8 threads, integrated Vega 10 graphics (640 stream processors) and 35W TDP.

Graphics card: Nvidia is pretty much only company in discrete laptop graphics cards

In current field of hardware, graphics card is a key configuration, second only to CPU in importance (this can be seen from fact that Baidu graphics card panel is more popular than other hardware rack panels), and it is also absolute focus of laptop's composition. Although many users say that we are not considering using laptops for gaming, there is still a large group of people who have such needs. For example, it is much more convenient for college students to use laptops than desktops on college campuses and dorms. They are also dedicated gamers, so a high-configuration laptop makes a difference.

Nvidia dominates area of ​​independent graphics cards for laptops, while AMD graphics cards are used only in a few brands of machines. The Nvidia 20 mobile graphics card is close to desktop graphics card in terms of performance and even has higher hardware parameters. For gamers who love games, I personally think that RTX 2060 version of 20th generation Nvidia graphics card can already outperform laptops with above 144Hz installed in high-end gaming laptops of various brands, and screen resolution is usually 4K or higher.

For players who love to play popular popular games such as League of Legends, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, World of Tanks and other games, performance of new generation bad street games RTX2060 graphics card has been greatly improved. and it's definitely not a scam anymore. The generation of mainstream games can be seen as real progress to point that it can fully adapt to high performance of mainstream games.

When talking about graphics cards, we can't just talk about game group. For work and leisure users who use laptops, thanks to ever-changing technological development, performance of low-cost graphics cards and even CPU cores. graphics cards can mainly meet needs of office users. In addition to high-definition video and basic needs of leisure time gaming, there will no longer be a situation where mid-range and low-end business laptops are stuck in minesweeping for several years. back (laughs). Three years ago, performance of latest Intel and AMD graphics cards with a core reached performance of independent graphics forFor mid-range and high-end laptops. Disabling independent graphics card to improve graphics performance may stop being a joke in future.

Is a processor or graphics card important when buying a gamebook?

In addition, some users who have professional notebook graphic design requirements are more suited to notebooks equipped with professional graphics cards. Professional graphics cards have much higher computational efficiency than gaming graphics cards in many professional programs. Although actual specifications are lower and price is obviously higher, performance boost is immediate for groups of users who need it. Therefore, I suggest that friends who have such a need do not blindly pay attention to parameters of video card, but choose right video card model that really suits them.

Write at end:

Having said that, you should choose a product with a balanced configuration. In order to emphasize its gaming performance, some gaming products choose best model in terms of graphics card, but use a model with average performance in processor part. ., This will cause a bottleneck of processor, not being able to manifest full performance of graphics card.

Therefore, before buying this book, you should first think about following points:

1. What is my budget?

2. Do I use it to watch movies or play online games?

3. If you want to play games, which game has highest configuration requirements? As long as you think about these three points, purchase will be much easier.