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These 5 signs indicate your SSD is about to fail


While SSDs are easier to use than mechanical hard drives, they are less problematic than mechanical hard drives. solid state drive can change, so what are five problems?

These 5 signs indicate your SSD is about to fail

Failed to read file

If some files on hard disk cannot be read, it means that data is in a bad block and cannot be written or read. Generally, data cannot be written to and will not be affected. You can copy file and put it in another storage location, but when it is impossible to read, you can only ask professionals for help, otherwise there is no way to copy data, and in general, you can only change hard disk at this time.

No access, slow

If you get frequent error messages while reading or writing files to your hard drive, it also means that your hard drive has bad blocks that can cause problems, for example, running software and games. If it is used as a system drive, then system will often crash. If read and write speed is particularly slow when using an SSD, you need to use some detection tools to determine if drive is damaged and be ready to replace hard drive in time to prevent important data from being lost. .

These 5 signs indicate your SSD is about to fail

Multiple blue screens

There can be many reasons for a computer blue screen. This is usually a driver issue, but hard drive corruption can also cause your computer to blue screen. If blue screen problem occurs during computer startup, it can be considered a system problem or a disk problem. At logon, reinstalling system solves it. If, after reinstalling system, there is still a blue screen failure at system startup, then hard drive is damaged.

File system recovery

If system frequently reports that file system needs to be repaired, problem is with hard drive. To resolve this issue, you can use Windows File System Repair tool. If it is a mechanical hard drive, it can also use disk defragmentation, but solid state drive should not use disk fragmentation.

These 5 signs indicate your SSD is about to fail

Unable to write

If you put a file on a solid state drive and directly suggest that it cannot be written or write protected, write refusal, etc., then it is undoubtedly broken, and write protection can generally be removed, but it is recommended to seek help of professionals, and it is quite possible to do it yourself, as well as clear data inside. If data is not very important, normal situation is to directly replace hard drive.