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What to do if speed of SSD has become low? SSD Slowdown Solution


Many people changed speed of an SSD hard drive in a short amount of time, only to find that speed slowed down after a few months. So what to do if ssd speed slows down? Below you will find solution for ssd slowdown problem and solution for C drive 4K alignment problem after SSD HDD replacement (no data loss)

What to do if speed of SSD has become low? SSD Slowdown Solution

Because format of hard disk is wrong, SSD hard disk needs to be aligned to 4K in order to take full advantage of its stable speed performance, but many people have already installed system and a lot of software, and 4K is difficult if they don't want to destroy data. There are such tools on Internet, but they can only be aligned with non-system disks, and main disk generally runs into problems that cannot be aligned.


First start system from U disk with PE and clone C disk to other disks.

Then use DISKGEN software to repartition and format system drive (drive C), pay attention to partition check when formatting, and pay attention to whether partition is activated or not.

Finally, after restarting from U disk, clone backup system back. After benchmark test, ASSSD speed increased from over 400 when not leveled to over 900. The speed improvement is obvious and original periodic lag is gone!