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Price dynamics for computer accessories in May 2020! The price has dropped a little, is it time to install machines?


Hi everyone, I'm Xiao Jiang. Constantly update quotes for original licensed computer accessories, customize accessories in table. New accessories on sale, no foreign debris and no used accessories, you can buy according to models listed with confidence, and you will not be deceived. !

Many colleagues have corresponded with me privately asking why I did this? They say that what I do will cause entire industry to lose money. The small craftsman has two reasons for doing this. First, wait for those who come by themselves. Some enterprises make profits of 500-1000 yuan per computer, which makes many newcomers dare to buy computers. They believe that this industry is very profitable. As a colleague, I know that a computer requires manual labor Assembling requires payment, quality control and after-service It is impossible to prevent you from earning money for charity You must receive an appropriate profit for what you pay Put everything on table, and profit is only 300-400 yuan. sensibly, don't worry about me, I won't sell it at this price, and if you buy it from me, you need to increase your profit.

Secondly, I'm calmer than anyone else not to sell shrink parts, other people's garbage, magical reform, and other plans! The configuration list I listed are genuine licensed products, ranging from low-end to high-end models. There are few minor problems with genuine licensed products, and after-sales service probability is low. Don't worry. Garbage reform plan is a computer that we know how to play with people . Xiaobai doesn't understand anything. If you sell him, then every three days there will be problems. If you can't solve it yourself, you can only be deceived!

Make industry a better place, do your job well, serve quality customers well, and don't think about dishonest ways! The right path in world is vicissitudes

Xiaobai quote is not for you to chase low prices. No seller will sell it to you at this price because we are not charities, we all need to support our families and we earn hard money. Some computers are not business deceived you, but you deceived yourself. Demand is not directly proportional to budget. For example, if you want to buy a cheap computer for 1500 yuan, price of a regular configuration is incomparable. You can only use magic equipment or old antiques. ! The strength of this kind of machines is very low, if you were deceived, then you should think about yourself. Refer to my quote, buy a computer, check exact comparison model, do not use 2060 to compare 2060S! It's too hard~ After comparing, you can calculate how much money seller can earn. Normal profit range 300-400,

All prices in following pictures are prices received by Xiaojiang personally from manufacturer. Prices vary from region to region, so please do not dispute.

The general price trend tends to stay same, and cost of various accessories has risen and fallen, but the range is small.

Intel processors favor bulk chips that have same quality and performance as boxed processors and same three-year quality warranty (some vendors' one-year warranty doesn't mean everything), price of loose chips is cheaper than boxed, and boxed is a personal retail version, no more than a few boxes, and price is not good

Select recommended:

CPU suffix: technical control with K. (overclockable) do not select if overclocking is not possible

If you have a discrete graphics card, you can choose F (no integrated graphics), and if you have a discrete graphics card, you don't need an integrated graphics card at all

The Intel Pentium G5420 is best choice for office uniforms, home Internet access, and kids learning.

High-efficiency office, massive online gaming, low-budget i3 9100F, high-end i5 9400F.

PS PR 3D for drawing, rendering and other design software, higher processor, better.

Open live stream. i7 9700 gamers local tyrants choose i9 9900

AMD processors are better priced than Intel. The third generation Ryzen has optimized single-core performance, and its multi-core and multi-threading technologies are better than those of Intel. Although it's amazing, it's not recommended for Xiaobai because some programs are not suitable for AMD optimization, low cost saving speed and poor stability. If you like its advantages, you must put up with its disadvantages.

Select recommended:

Processor suffix with X can be understood as an advanced model, and 3rd generation Ryzen is preferable if budget is sufficient

Home gaming capability: 2200G, good graphics performance, dual-channel memory, stable in-game FPS, good Tencent game.

Budget option: 2600/3500X, covering 80% of gaming market needs. Choose high performance 3600X/3700X multi-core processors on a budget.

Normal shrinkage occurs mostly on motherboard. Please look carefully at model when comparing configurations and do not compare entry level with flagship. If you're on a tight budget, you can opt for an entry-level motherboard, performance remains same, but there are fewer expansion ports. Secondly, B365 model supports WIN7, not cut-down version of B360.

Select recommended:

Choose an entry-level H310 motherboard with a small budget and select a branded motherboard without flipping. Choose flagship B365/B360 (MSI Mortar, Gigabyte Sculpture, ASUS Gaming Agent) for big budgets, with plenty of expansion ports, solid board materials, high reliability, and easy future upgrades. For overclocking, you should choose Z390 motherboard. If you like lighting effect, you should choose flagship model. It is economical and affordable, and they all support overclocking. All boards are large, with more space and accessories. not overcrowded.

Select recommended:

Due to conscience of AMD processors, processor pins have not changed. If you choose X570 motherboard, it can support all AMD Ryzen processor series. For stability, choose B450, which is quite satisfactory with four memory slots, plenty of upgrade space, and overclocking capability. Choose A320 for low budget flights. There are many shrink patterns of main board, so we must choose brand and ensure stability of whole machine.

Select recommended:

Home Office Plays Tencent DDR4-8G games, 4G often slows down.

For large-scale online games such as eating chicken, it is recommended to collect two 8G dual-channel RAM and frame rate will be stable.

Professional visualization, high quality design and other gaming software. It is recommended that initial memory of 16 GB be as large as possible.

Choose 3000Hz for overclocking and use it with Z series motherboards.

Memory frequency above 3000Hz can be overclocked, you can contact customer service to note overclocking in advance, there is nothing wrong with saving money.

HDD capacity preferred, followed by M.2 SSD or SATA SSD

M.2 NVME speed is above 1500, SATA is about 500, M.2 theoretical speed is more than three times that of SATA speed, but this can only be reflected in process of transferring large amounts of data, M.2 Solid state, conventional home games are not felt. Choose according to your personal budget.

Select recommended:

120 GB can be used as a system drive or for office use.

For a home office, 240G is enough to play Tencent games.

Proposals for development of 480G/512G large-scale offline online game.

The mechanical hard drive is an optional hard drive for storing large capacity and important data. It is used in conjunction with a solid state to provide both solid speed and mechanical capacity.

The video card does not affect speed of computer. If you don't play games, you don't need to install a discrete graphics card. You can install an integrated graphics card or install a low frequency high performance discrete graphics card (if you don't have an integrated GPU and use a flashy card to save money)

Select recommended:

The budget RX550 graphics card is selected for playing Tencent online games and drawing PS 3D modules.

For large-scale online gaming, choose A RX560XT/RX580 card if you're on a tight budget. If you have a big budget, choose N GTX1650super/GTX1660SUPER card.

It is recommended to choose RTX2060 or higher graphics card for 3A masterpiece games, as this type of game burns video cards very much.

One cent of price is one cent of FPS. If you don't have enough budget, you can buy the junior version for beggars. , Choose regular series (Terminator. Tomahawk. Platinum edition) performance as flattering. (The difference between common video card models is generally no more than 5%)

The choice of power supply depends on person. Different computer matching schemes have different power consumption. Pay attention to calculation of power consumption of each accessory. The power consumption of each accessory is different, so I do not list them one by one. Professional customer service will be according to your configuration plan to help you choose and match, these power supply brands and models are recommended according to aftermarket power supply level, so you can use it with confidence.

The chassis will not be updated. The chassis has always been an area that is difficult to tune. Just choose look you like. Recently, a new Xianma Sword Demon has been put on shelves, friends who like it can take a look at it.

If you have friends who want quotes for other brands and products, you can also chat with me privately in comment area below. Since demand for products is high, next offer will upgrade product.

Finally, in same sentence, Xiaobai friends should not be greedy for small things, and business friends should not be greedy for huge profits. Just charge a reasonable profit for your products and services. Don't constantly think about cheating noobs. This will only discredit our industry, and it will be difficult for everyone to do business by then! I also advise Xiaobai to friends, there are no free meals in world, and when something happens, there must be demons! Saving money is, of course, good, but do not be greedy to smallest detail! Even if you come to me to buy and collect, you also need to charge a service fee. I'm not a philanthropist here, and everyone wants to eat.

So, merchant friends, we remain committed to making industry a better place and making it easier for people to communicate!

That's all for today, see you soon!