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Science-Fiction 5 Bona Fide Computer Browser Plugins, Free and No Ads, Easy to Use and Recommended by Everyone


Today, I redid my computer system and installed various frequently used software. I suddenly found some programs and plugins that have been used for a long time and are also very useful, so I wrote them down for your reference.

Today we're mostly talking about browser plugins that we haven't figured out yet, so let's talk about next five first.

I don't know if you've experienced this: when you have too many browser tabs open, it's hard to find exactly page you want! Some pages open, it is very important that they cannot be closed, but there is no time to read them now! It is very troublesome to open several sites that need to be viewed every day.

Actually, these common problems can be solved with plugins. Here are some plugins recommended by Xiaobian.

1. Tab optimization plugin: Onetab

If work content requires constant use of a computer, it will inevitably be bombarded by various web pages such as Xiaomi:

Too many web pages are open and cannot be closed yet. It looks very messy and I want to find page I need in it, and it's pretty messy. Is there a way to optimize it?

Google Chrome has a Onetab plugin that can make a web page look like this:

You only need to open Onetab and you can clearly see web page you want, then click to open and enter page. Of course, you can also browse in groups, which is very convenient.

Two, custom label plugin: Infinity

Many people's browsers look different when opened, only thing they have in common is that they are quite cluttered, and there are various indecent ads on page.

Have you ever thought that page that browser opens can also be very beautiful, and you can even customize it to your liking?

Yeah, of course, Infinity plugin is such an artifact. Its main features include: customizing homepage, wallpapers, icons, layout, etc. Take a look at Xiaomi browser homepage:

Fresh style home page, when you see it for first time every day, you can feel better. Also, click on little windmill icon in bottom right corner to change your wallpaper, and keep clicking until you find your favorite background image:

If you browse a lot of web pages every day, you can also create folders, categorize web pages and put them in different folders, just like setting up folders to organize information on a computer hard drive.

The small icon in upper left corner is input for various settings. It also supports account login, so you can directly sync your browser settings across different computers:

3. Web page decoration: stylus

As most important part of using a computer, a web page should not only be practical but also beautiful, but in fact it is not beautiful at all after opening a normal browser such as:

Then with Stylus plugin, only a simple setup is required:

You can completely change default appearance to following neat look:

This plugin also has great advantage of being open source, so some masters will share styles they write in style library, so you don't have to worry about not coming across your favorite styles designed by person in your heart Yo:

Click "Get Style" in image above and you can go in and find one you like:

Finally, optimize search to look like this, will it look cute:

4. Remove Baidu Sogou Redirect: Baidu Optimization

When searching for content, you first go to Baidu, and then go to corresponding web page through Baidu. If your internet speed is average, this will take time and be very inconvenient.

Baidu optimizes this plug-in, which skips Baidu and goes directly to corresponding website, so speed is extremely fast after skipping middleman. It supports Baidu, Sogou, Bing, Haosou, Google search, can optimize search content, and can also optimize some advertisements to make page look cleaner.

In addition, it also supports two-, three-, and four-column display methods. My favorite is eye protection mode, which is essential if you are staring at monitor for a long time.

5. Quickly Browse Web Without a Mouse: Vimium

I've heard that computer wizards don't use a mouse, and efficiency is higher than using a mouse. Yep, nothing advanced, and you can do that too.

Vimium is a plug-in that is used to create different keyboard combinations to achieve different web browsing skills without using a mouse, relying on keyboard to quickly apply different web browsing skills.

Let's talk about some commonly used keyboard shortcuts:

  • Swipe down/up/left/right: j/k/h/l
  • Bounce down/up: d/u
  • Up/Down: gg/G
  • Reload page: r
  • Copy URL of current web page: yy
  • Select left/right tab: J/K
  • Window opening mode This is a window/new window: f/F
  • Search history + bookmarks: o/O
  • Close/restore tab: x/X
  • Find bookmarks: b/B (open current/new window)
  • Create/view tabs: t/T
  • Go to first input field: gi
  • This plug-in when you first use it might be hard for you to remember, but once you get hang of it, actual effect is actually much faster than a mouse, it's a nice artifact to install X, huh!

    Okay, there are many, many, thousands of browser plugins. There are too many useful ones in my collection and I will continue to share them later.