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7 eco-friendly and easy-to-use apps you need for daily use

floating menu


7 eco-friendly and easy-to-use apps you need for daily use

Floating menu is a quick access helper application.

But before you can use it, you need to add accessibility and pause permissions in settings.

It can be used to perform various operations without requiring an entity key. You can easily hit back key, enter home page, and open recently completed tasks.

And all pages of all applications implement left swipe to return to previous page.

At same time, it can simulate various operations, such as many functions in system settings, network opening, music setting, restart and shutdown, etc.

At same time, it also adds Alipay/WeChat scan, receive and pay function, which is very convenient.

Only for Android.

money trail


7 eco-friendly and easy-to-use apps you need for daily use

Qianji is a professional accounting application made in China.

It is also written by same author and complies with Android Green Convention. So there will be no fraudulent advertising and like.

Its interface can be said to be very simple. Accounting includes three expense/income/transfer functions, in each of which you can select many detailed categories, and you can also choose whether to reimburse.

Detailed graphs allow you to see in more detail relationship between various aspects of expenses and income.

You can also manage bank cards, transfer entries, and borrow and lend entries at same time.

At same time, you can also import data from Excel templates, Alipay and other accounting programs with one click.

At same time, you can also add passwords and desktop widgets.

Only supports Android version, iOS version may come in future.

Star Walk 2


7 eco-friendly and easy-to-use apps you need for daily use

Star Walk 2 is an application that allows you to observe starry sky.

All you have to do is open app, turn your face to sky and turn on augmented reality mode, and it will be able to recognize starry sky above your head.

The space is sharp and bright as if you are traveling, constellations you see you can click to view details, and background music makes you feel more immersive.

Uncharted space makes you infinite.



7 eco-friendly and easy-to-use apps you need for daily use

Notion is a note-taking program. But this is dedicated note taking software.

You can not only take notes, but also manage tasks. It can also be used to manage wiki. This feature is very unique. Since recently, its mobile version is also available online, which is worth using.

Open Notion home page and toolbar on right shows types of text you can add. You can drag and drop to add text, subject+text, Todo, etc. App is popup keyboard shown above.

On left is a directory structure that displays contents as folders. The app is scaled down on left and can be displayed by sliding it to left.

When mouse moves to left of content, you can choose to add content, you can also choose to drag to move position, and you can also change content type; in top bar, you can choose to share, view change history, and change text style.

Mac, Win, mobile and web support.

Zhixi Memory Card


7 eco-friendly and easy-to-use apps you need for daily use

Zhixi Computer Maps is an efficient software for creating mind maps, notes and brain maps.

Easy to use/Small and fresh appearance, providing users with mind maps, right logic diagram, fishbone diagram, directory organization diagram, org chart, bridge diagram, bracket diagram, sequence diagram, pie chart, bubble diagram , drawing. double bubble chart and cause and effect chart.

Support multi-person online collaboration and offline desktop editing with over 12,000 built-in mind map templates.

It can export PNG images, PDF documents, Word documents, Markdown documents, and it also supports direct sharing links.

Supports Windows, Mac, Android, Hongmeng and ios systems.

Covered rating


7 eco-friendly and easy-to-use apps you need for daily use

Gade Ranking is an app focused on leaderboards.

You can check mobile phones, delicatessens, bookstores, business circles, etc. There are different types for you to choose from.

Recently, Efficiency Jun wants to take a driver's license test. Using it, you can find a ranking list of driving schools in Beijing. Each rating has a score as well as detailed images and detailed content introduction so you can easily learn basics.

Of course this kind of stuff is not authoritative, it's just a link and you need to understand and compare it to other channels.

Cow Express


7 eco-friendly and easy-to-use apps you need for daily use

Cow Express is a very simple and user-friendly online disk management tool.

Its biggest feature is that it can download files at high speed and has a convenient sharing function.

You can set encryption, send SMS by email, set an expiration time and control number of downloads at same time.

It can also be shared with a single click, even without saving files to a network drive, it can be used as a temporary sharing tool.

Of course, its cloud disk function is also good, but default size is only 5G.

Purchasing a membership will have more powerful and easier to use features.

Android, iOS, applet and web support.