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What does broadcast SSID over WiFi mean? What's use?


What is SSID Broadcast? If you use WiFi, you will definitely notice that there is a word ssid, what does it mean? What is use of blocking SSID broadcast in WiFi settings? The situation is described below.

What does broadcast SSID over WiFi mean? What's use?

SSID is name of wireless local area network (WLAN). The SSID is a case-sensitive text string that is a sequence of alphanumeric characters (letters or numbers) with a maximum length of 32 characters. SSID technology can divide wireless LAN into several subnets that require different authentication. Each subnet needs independent authentication. Only authenticated clients can enter corresponding subnet to prevent unauthorized clients. Enter this network.

From a professional point of view, it can be difficult for everyone to understand what ssid means. SSID is not an English word, but an abbreviation for Service Set Identifier. SSID is familiar to many friends. In layman's terms, SSID is name of a wireless (Wi-Fi) network, also known as SSID broadcast. In wireless network on our laptops and smartphones, we can usually look for many wireless Wi-Fi networks and these Wi-Fi names are SSIDs.

The name of Wi-Fi network your smartphone is looking for is SSID. Simply put, SSID is a Wi-Fi name that is easy to understand.

Above, we entered SSID for you, which is name of Wi-Fi wireless network, and broadcast SSID is a technical term used in settings of wireless routers. It is set in Broadcast SSID in Wireless Settings.

Sometimes we can hide SSID of a wireless network to prevent hackers. Once SSID is hidden, connected wireless devices such as laptops and smartphones will not display SSID name of your home wireless network, so you can avoid spoofing. However, with some professional network spoofing tools, you can still find hidden SSID network.