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What does crossfire graphics mean?


We often find that some computer configurations can support crossfire with two graphics cards. To enable crossfire with two graphics cards, certain conditions must be met, not only computers with two graphics cards can use crossfire.

What does crossfire graphics mean?
What does crossfire mean?

To put it simply, multi-graphics card technology allows two or more graphics cards to work together, which means chipset supports parallel multi-graphics technology, which can improve graphics processing capabilities of system or meet some special needs. . Achieving multi-graphics technology usually requires support for motherboard chipset, display chip, and driver.

The advent of multi-graphics card technology is intended to effectively address tension between growing demand for graphics processing and lack of graphics processing capabilities of existing display chips. Multi-graphic card technology has a long history: in PC field, already in 3dfx era, SLI technology introduced by Voodoo2 first let people experience charm of 3D games, and in high-end professional field, there were manufacturers developing a system with tens or even hundreds of display cores working together, for military simulation and other fields.

How to achieve crossfire with two graphics cards?

If two independent graphics cards need to crossfire, primarily support main motherboard and special requirements for graphics card, you need to read motherboard manual. Generally, crossfire computer configuration is a main graphics card that comes with a CPU and an independent graphics card to provide crossfire, but it requires CPU and motherboard support. For example, most common AMD A10-5800K processor has its own core graphics card to exchange fire with HD6670 discrete graphics card, and many users have ended up with dual graphics cards this way.