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What domestic software is more powerful than foreign? Three Parts of High-Performance PC Software


After installing system, it is also necessary to install various software on computer that helps us in our daily work.

But there are so many programs of same type, what should I choose? Which one is best to use and can greatly increase efficiency of our work?

In fact, there are a lot of such software. I summarized it in practice and used it. I specially chose ten most useful software and recommend them to everyone for review. Practical and free software, I will answer after article, confirm each other.

Computer uninstaller

Geek Uninstaller slogan: "Little bully, let's see where you're going to escape." It is an uninstaller, its simplicity and practicality kill 99% of uninstaller programs on market, and it can also completely replace uninstall software in Windows system function.

Reason for recommendation:

One of reasons is that it is very lightweight and convenient, no installation is required, download is a single executable file, and small body is only 6MB, and can be used after opening, and can also be saved to USB -drive, so you can use it wherever you are;

One reason is that it's focused on deletion and has a powerful cleanup feature. It quickly deletes and finds leftover files and traces that no one else can find. Registry is clean;

Geek Uninstaller has always been a must-have software for fans.

Software features:

  • The free version is a single file that can be run immediately and saved to a USB drive.
  • The cleaning effect is very clean, perform a deep and quick scan and remove all leftovers including registry to keep computer clean;
  • Simple interface, beautiful appearance, support for multiple languages.
  • Forcibly removed, you can forcefully remove stubborn software and corrupted programs;
  • Remove Windows Store apps;
  • Tinder security software

    Although "Windows Security Center" protection feature that comes with Windows 10 is very powerful, many friends do not install other antivirus software on their computer and they always feel uncomfortable, so 360 Guard, Computer Manager, 2345 Guard After The installation of these programs is really easy and convenient to use, but there are three drawbacks: family basket, too many ads and too many resources!

    Reason for recommendation:

    Huorong antivirus software is a very discreet security program. It doesn't have an accelerator ball, it doesn't have pop-up ads, and it's as quiet as if it doesn't exist, but it guards computer system.

    Software features:

  • Free and no ads.
  • U disk management very carefully;
  • Block pop-up ads, keep your computer clean now;
  • Clean up system junk, manage startup items;
  • Detect and restrict installation of related software;
  • Professional analysis tools and dedicated destruction tools to combat various malicious and stubborn viruses;
  • Advanced users can customize them themselves;
  • Snipast

    When you need to take screenshots, do you still use system screenshots or QQ screenshots? Too outdated! Believe me, a handy screenshot program will allow you to get twice as much result with half as much effort.

    Reason for recommendation:

    The main functions of Snipaste are screenshots and stickers. Note that other than screenshot feature, what hell else is a sticker? In essence, it is directly to install screenshot on desktop and drag it around as desired, it is very practical. This little guy only weighs 12 million, which is twice as much as Geek Uninstaller.

    Let's talk about practicality of stickers. For example, if you're reading an article and want to compare it to one above, it takes a lot of effort to drag it up and down with mouse. You can set above screenshot on one side of desktop and compare next screenshot on other side.

    Another example is watching American TV shows to learn English and always subconsciously watching subtitles. You can cut out a long black picture and attach it to subtitle position to block the subtitle.

    Software features:

  • Free and green, no ads.
  • Screenshot with one press of F1, map with one press of F3, multiple stickers can be combined to create a combined map;
  • Automatic window detection, mouse can be dragged;
  • Multiple editing features such as text, arrows, tiles, etc.;
  • Everyone's work environment is different and you may not be able to use all of them. In next issue, I will continue to present following three practical softwares, and there will always be one that will surprise you!

    Friends, do you think these programs are easy to use? Do you use any software that you feel is most powerful? Welcome to leave a message about name of the software. Everyone can refer to each other, learn from each other, and make progress together.

    I like to write about how to install various systems, such as win7\8\10 systems, as well as black apples, Deepin systems, Synology systems, printer sharing, etc., and software and hardware failure analysis and solutions , friends, who are interested You can pay attention to this!