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PDF conversion, this software is enough, super multifunctional...


Because PDF documents are widely used in office, everyone is placing more and more demanding demands on working with PDF files.

For example, if you want to edit PDF content, you need to convert PDF to Word format or compress PDF file size, etc.

So in addition to Office, every office user also needs professional PDF software that can be used at any time. For example:

Hi Format PDF Converter

"Hi Format PDF Converter" is a professional office software for converting PDF files.

It supports batch conversion of document formats such as PDF, Office (Word, Excel, PPT), images, TXT and HTML, as well as many practical functions such as PDF compression, merging and splitting, which can fully satisfy your daily needs.

Moreover, operation of this software is very easy and interface is very intuitive. Users of any level can easily get started. Suitable for office workers and student parties from all walks of life.

①Stupid operation

To use it, we only need to [Open Hi Format Converter] → [Select Function] → [Add PDF File] → [Set Conversion Options] → [Click to Start Conversion] and wait for file conversion to finish. Foolish operation.

Also, it can process PDF files in batches.

That is, if we have dozens or even hundreds of files, we no longer need to manually process them one by one. As long as we import them in batch mode, we can automatically convert them according to file list after clicking "Start Convert" button, you can easily improve your work efficiency!

②Don't change layout

In addition, another advantage of HiFormat PDF Converter is that, compared to many similar tools, it can "do not change original text" when converting documents, and conversion success rate reaches 99% % .

Let's use a PDF file to demonstrate effect:

From comparison in image below, one of two documents is in .pdf format and other is in .docx format. Except for different file formats, typing layout is very well restored, almost exactly same.

As for other functions, such as PDF compression, merging, encryption and decryption, etc., these functions are quite satisfactory in terms of easy and convenient operations and final effect, which can satisfy most of your needs. and improve efficiency while maintaining high quality!

Benefits! Get free high format members for a limited time:

Computer know-how and HiFormat jointly launched a small advantage, and now you can get a monthly subscription to "HiFormat PDF Converter" for free! Limited to 1000 members while supplies last.

This time high-format participants can use all functions of software, and number of files and number of conversions are not limited.

The application process is very simple: just click on blue word at end of text to find out more.

Hi format PDF online tool is online!

In cases where it is inconvenient to download client (for example, when borrowing someone else's computer or using a company computer), we can quickly process PDF files using "PDF.cn", a very easy-to-remember website. page version of "Hi Format PDF Online Tool".

▲Visit PDF.CN now

You only need to use a browser like Chrome, Edge, FireFox, etc. to visit PDF.cn to use it.

It supports conversion between PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, images and other file formats, as well as basic functions such as PDF compression and merging, and files up to 2MB can be converted and processed for free.

Free Online PDF Converter:

The biggest advantage of using www.pdf.cn is that domain name is easy to remember. We don't need to install a client and we can perform file conversion anytime, anywhere.

Whether it's a computer or a mobile phone, whether it's Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android, you can use it, very, very convenient!

PDF.CN is currently in its launch phase, and there are various online promotions every month, such as One penny for quarterly membership, etc., which is very valuable;

In addition, files up to 2 MB are free, which can already meet 80% of office's daily needs, so usability of the website is still very high!

Students who need them can save them for later use.