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Notebook Maintenance Precautions to Prevent Potholes! A must for computer repair!


Whenever a computer breaks down, mood is undoubtedly very depressed. If computer has passed warranty period, it will not be able to use manufacturer's free warranty service, which means finding a computer repair shop at its own expense. Repair shops should pay attention to fact that computer repair is very difficult, especially laptop repair, so as not to suffer from being fooled. So, what should you pay attention to when you go to a computer repair shop to fix your computer? Let's share knowledge and precautions for maintaining computers!

Notebook Maintenance Precautions to Prevent Potholes! A must for computer repair!

Knowledge about prevention and precautions for computer maintenance

You can make a reasonable profit from computer maintenance. After all, every industry must survive. However, no consumer can accept a scam to make money. Of course, if we do not know someone who is a repairman, we must remember about computer repair. The best thing is that I can look at repair on site and check with seller to see if it's free. That is, if price is high and repair is not free, and you need to find out where it broke, and not blindly follow what seller says!

1. False hardware failure message

Minor computer glitches can be resolved by plugging and unplugging memory, but it's not plugged in, but it's said to be a hardware issue and needs to be replaced with new hardware. Regular users will not need old hardware, that is, having earned two yuan, old hardware can be sold for little money, and new hardware can also make a profit.

Notebook Maintenance Precautions to Prevent Potholes! A must for computer repair!

If seller or memory is broken, just plug in a new memory. At this time, we can ask him to install "old" memory personally to check if it is really broken. Not only because merchant said that equipment is broken, that is, no equipment is broken. You must know how to determine investigation before drawing a conclusion. But if you're not there and salesperson calls you to tell you what equipment is broken, don't say you can't fix it over phone in case salesperson intentionally damages equipment.

Second, hardware replacement

The client wants to repair computer. After conversation, if company finds that customer does not understand, it will replace customer's equipment for profit. Often counterfeit and counterfeit products are some of things. It is best to be mindful of your computer configuration to avoid theft. Real case, before a friend went to repair computer, because in different places, only in local computer repair shop, returning to find that his Kingston memory was replaced with a Kingston record, and then found case. t admit it, no one touched computer between them, it must have been a switch, and finally called police without any evidence of anything.

Notebook Maintenance Precautions to Prevent Potholes! A must for computer repair!

If you are familiar with your computer's configuration, such as processor model, video card model, memory size, brand, etc., it's best to list your installed configurations beforehand. When disassembling a computer, computer service personnel may ask you to take a photo of computer hardware or write down serial number of each hardware so that you can clearly remember overall configuration of computer. When leaving a computer for maintenance, they must open a detailed list of computer's configuration, such as what make and model.

3. Expensive equipment maintenance

Computer maintenance costs are high, and maintenance costs at a market price of 200 yuan may be charged 600 yuan or even thousands of yuan in one form or another. For example, a faulty capacitor on motherboard caused computer to malfunction. In fact, a bad capacitor costs a penny. Generally, you will be charged a few hundred yuan, so you should consult specific bad place, it is best to observe repair on site.

Notebook Maintenance Precautions to Prevent Potholes! A must for computer repair!

You must ask seller to check problem before making an offer. What details caused rejection? If price is too high, it is recommended to change company to find out cost of computer maintenance. Don't talk about direct repairs. When it is repaired, others charge a high price and you will feel uncomfortable. In addition, I suggest you do not say that price does not matter after repair. It should be said that if it is too expensive, it will not be repaired, and if it is too expensive, it will not be repaired.

Fourth, we can repair it, but you can replace hardware

This point mainly occurs when servicing laptops. For example, there is a problem with motherboard, a short circuit problem, maintenance is very simple, seller will tell you that motherboard is broken and beyond repair, and motherboard needs to be replaced, but merchant usually charges for replacement. The cost of motherboard, but it needs to be serviced, or really replace your motherboard, and the old motherboard can also be sold for this money.

Notebook Maintenance Precautions to Prevent Potholes! A must for computer repair!

If seller asks you to replace motherboard and says it can't be repaired, you're saying replacement is too expensive and you don't want to repair it. You can ask other sellers to compare situation. If everyone says it can't be fixed, then it really can't be fixed and you will have to replace motherboard.

The best way to repair your computer is to use a regular computer repair shop. It is best to check repair situation on spot. Your job is to check your computer to avoid changing hardware and hardware while doing business. We recommend finding a free repair shop. Do not charge high prices for testing services. If you don't want to, you'll still have to charge a 50-100 RMB testing fee. Once a problem occurs, determine price and then repair it. In addition, if replaced hardware, such as a motherboard, still has a certain value, it is recommended that you pick up replacement parts or give a discount to seller.