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How to clean memory card slot?


The most common cause of computer crashes, such as blue screens and inability to start, is memory. For now, just clean your memory card and memory slot and reinsert your memory card to fix problem. So, how to clear memory of a flash drive and memory correctly A slot?

Use a brush and a hair dryer to clean dust from memory slot. This combination can remove dust from entire case. Remaining dust is blown off by hand.

How to clean memory card slot?

The main purpose of cleaning a memory card is golden finger, that is, metal part that comes into contact with memory slot. To clean it, it is recommended to use an eraser, paying special attention to removing dust and oxidized rust.

After cleaning, simply reinsert memory card. When clearing memory, be careful not to expose your body to too much static electricity. The easiest way is to wash your hands and dry them before removing memory. Please pay attention to the sweater with a lot of static electricity.