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Why can't I connect to Internet with a full WiFi signal?


Sometimes when we use Wi-Fi, we often encounter situations where WiFi signal is full, but network speed is very slow or it is not possible to connect to Internet at all, so what happens? I believe that many people will face this problem, so today hero U will tell you why WiFi signal is full but there is no good internet.

Why can't I connect to Internet with a full WiFi signal?

Signal Interference

Wi-Fi signals are sensitive to interference such as distance or magnetic fields. If there is an induction cooker or a microwave oven near router, even if Wi-Fi signal is strong, it will result in poor Internet experience. Of course, signal is often weak Not complete.

Accept Device

The WiFi quality is unsatisfactory, and there are also reasons for accepting device itself, such as current wireless network card is damaged or outdated, etc., or when using a mobile phone, your hands cover external antenna belt, which is also one of reasons for poor networks.

Why can't I connect to Internet with a full WiFi signal?

Router or network

The quality of router is poor, or configuration of router is too low. For example, if memory is low, an overload may occur. If too many devices are connected, even if signal is full, data cannot be processed, resulting in network delay or hang, and another problem is with network itself. Of course, you should consult with local operator to know specific reason.

Shipping on Internet

Many people now set WiFi passwords relatively easily, and simple WiFi passwords are easily cracked by brute force. There are various tools for cracking WiFi passwords on Internet now, so after cracking password, your WiFi can be more than N people in use now, no wonder if it doesn't get stuck. If you don't want to be hacked, easiest way is to whitelist MAC addresses or hide broadcast SSID, etc. The MAC whitelist can only allow devices on list to access Internet, and hiding SSID actually hides WiFi name to prevent others from accessing Internet The device is displayed.

Why can't I connect to Internet with a full WiFi signal?

Speed ‚Äč‚Äčlimit

When you connect to a public Wi-Fi network, signal is full, but network latency is high and network speed is slow. This type of speed is usually limited. For convenience of everyone, a public Wi-Fi network will be provided to everyone. Devices connected to WiFi are allocated a certain amount of bandwidth to ensure normal use by everyone.

Signal overload

If there are multiple WiFi signal sources near router you are using, these wireless signals will interfere with each other, especially more identical channels, more interference, and signal interference will not affect signal quality. but impact on network speed is relatively large, so many routers now have function of automatically searching and setting channel, we can also set it manually, channel is numbered from 1 to 13 in my country, for example, after channel is found, all surrounding Wi-Fi channels are 5, then we can't set 5, we can change it to 6 or other channels, smaller number is repeated, less signal interference.