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Windows7 display driver stopped responding, what should I do? How to deal with it?


Some Windows 7 users reported that when using computer to watch videos or play games, screen went black for a few seconds and then returned to normal, and then it was reported that display driver stopped responding, and then Windows 7 display driver stopped What to do with answer, following editor will share with you solution to problem of Windows7 display driver that stops responding.


1. Click [Computer] and right-click, then select [Properties] to open it.

2. Log in to system interface of computer and open [Advanced system settings] in upper left corner.

3. Then open [Advanced] Performance [Settings] in [System Properties] as shown in figure.

4. If you see all gaps in performance settings, click [Let win choose best computer properties] and settings will be displayed.

5. Then disable [Enable Desktop Composition] in settings box and click [Apply] in lower right corner.

6. Then computer will enter a black screen and application will turn on. It takes a minute or two to save settings.

The above is a solution to problem that Windows 7 display driver stopped responding. If you encounter such a display situation, you can use above method to solve it.