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Teach you how to choose an SSD


Recently, price of SSDs has been reduced, I think many friends are willing to buy SSDs. However, competition in SSD field is now relatively difficult, many small manufacturers use unequal consumer information to deceive consumers and make them spend big money to buy junk, which is a lot of controversy.

So, how should we as consumers choose SSDs? Is there any easy and convenient way for us to quickly sort out relevant knowledge about SSDs?

The following author will introduce you to common sense of buying SSDs.

First, look at brand to buy, you can't go wrong

In just a few years, countless brands of solid state drives have emerged, but few brands can meet needs of consumers. So when we choose an SSD, we might as well choose big brand SSDs.

Teach you how to choose an SSD

For example, Samsung products are very good. Through years of technology accumulation, Samsung Storage makes its products superior to other products in terms of speed and stability.

Besides, big brand products are usually better in terms of after-sales service and software support, so I recommend buying big brand SSDs.

Secondly, original pellets are most important!

Although technical threshold of a solid state hard disk is very high, its structure is very simple, mainly composed of main control + circuit board + flash memory particles. Among them, cost of flash memory particles is highest, so many small manufacturers often choose cheap white and black chips to reduce purchase cost of flash memory particles.

This type of particles doesn't mean they can't be used, but they will definitely cause problems if used for a long time. If important data is often stored on your computer, you should pay more attention. To save some money on buying hard drives, data loss isn't worth loss after all.

When purchasing an SSD, it is recommended that you purchase an SSD manufacturer that has ability to produce flash particles on its own.

Third, main control algorithm and firmware determine service life

Firmware and basic SSD controls are often overlooked by many netizens as these technical terms are difficult to understand.

The firmware and main management of SSDs is actually very important. The same flash particles, different firmware and main management provide different read and write speeds and service life. We can understand that in an SSD, particle impact on performance is 60%, core management is 20%, and firmware is 20%.

Teach you how to choose an SSD

However, basic control and high-quality firmware is a very difficult job, so there are very few manufacturers who can independently develop basic control and firmware. Only Samsung and other companies have technical strength, which is technical advantage of large manufacturers.

Okay, that's end of the content on buying SSDs, have you read it yet?