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4 simple computer tips to make you more efficient


Are you still jealous of others doing their jobs faster than you? The main reason is that we do not know how to work with a computer!

For example, for a very simple task, you need to spend 10 minutes, but if you master some operational skills, you can solve it in 2 minutes.

Today, editor will share some tips with you, I hope you find them useful!

1: Name multiple files with one click

Are you still renaming files in a folder one by one?

If there are several, it's better. If there are too many, people's hands will soften. Actually, it shouldn't be that much of a hassle. Here I will teach you how to change all files with one click


First press and hold Ctrl+A to select all, then press and hold F2 to rename directly, corresponding sort will increase one by one!

2: return to desktop with one key

I was lazy at work and was doing other things. At this time, I found that leader came to you immediately, and there were many pages on your computer desktop that could not be deleted immediately. My mom really cares. If you are caught What to do?


Don't worry! Hotkey can help you do it! That is: Windows+D

3: Open multiple folders with one click

When we are working, when we need to open multiple documents, how can we open these documents with one click? Experts will teach you how to do it.


We first hold Shift and double-click first folder and last folder in folder to open them all

4. Close current web page with one click

When we're working, what should we do if we need to close a web page quickly? Just hold down Ctrl+w to close page!


Press and hold Ctrl+w to delete

Okay, have you already learned all this?