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Psychological test: are you a controlling person?

Losing control is one of most terrible human feelings, and ability to control everything that surrounds us is one of the strongest human desires and basic motives. 

Some people have strict weight control. It is necessary to accurately calculate how many calories they consume each day.

Some people show a high level of self-discipline in their behavior, giving up all health-threatening behavior, never staying up late, smoking, drinking and even eating and drinking habits are strictly controlled. .

And some people like to control their significant other in intimate relationships.

My good friend Qiangzi is such an example.

Qiang Zi loves his girlfriend Lan Lang very much and also likes to interfere in her life.

At first, Lan Lan was very touched by Qiangzi's meticulous care. Compared to people he met before, Qiangzi did not ignore her due to his gambling addiction, met her every day and accompanied her to dinner. and walks, often texting and calling Lang Lang... Lang Lang thought that she had finally met her soul mate.

However, as relationship lasts for a long time, Qiangzi's desire to control everything is gradually revealed.

If Qiangzi sends a message to Lang Lang and does not receive a response in time, Qiangzi will immediately CALL Lang Lang and ask Lan Lang to explain why she did not reply to message. ;

Qiangzi also asked Lan Lang to reveal all social media accounts to him and he logged into Lan Lan's account to check at any time;

Moreover, Qiangzi still forbids Lan Lan to communicate with opposite sex, euphemistically saying "I've had enough".

Little by little, Lan Lang felt that she had lost her freedom. She not only cut off communication with opposite sex, but even pushed away friends around her. strong>"Give me space or break up" !

Qiang Zi didn't want to leave Lan Lan, so he had to make changes.

After talking with Lan Lang, Qiang Zi promised not to check Lan Lang's cell phone again and would not interfere with Lan Lang going on a date with her friends. I will demand same from myself.

Changes made by Qiangzi to intimate relationships refer to a control regime based on a positive attitude.

In order to develop together with Lan Lang for a long time, he showed a high degree of positive change: give enough space to his girlfriend and a high degree of positive adaptation: trust his girlfriend strong >.

Qiangzi's control mode allows him to change in time in intimate relationships, and also prolongs their love.

If Qiangzi exhibits a negative control mode and is unwilling to make positive changes, I fear relationship will end;

Ili Qiangzi exhibits predominantly passive control in workplace and may soon lose his job.

What kind of control do you use in intimate relationships?

How does this model of control affect your relationship?

How does your control mode work in other areas of your life?

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