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Expert Tips on How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Photos in Five Minutes


What files do you have most on your phone? Maybe it's a photo in an album.

We don't want to delete some of the photos, but what if we accidentally delete them manually?

Don't worry, editor has specifically consulted recovery experts for this purpose and has provided three solutions for you so that you can recover lost photos on your iPhone quickly!

01 Restore via iCloud

First, we can think about whether photos are synced to iCloud before being deleted.

The confirmation method is as follows:

Visit www.iCloud.com iCloud client on your computer and enter your Apple ID and password, find 【Photos】 icon and click to enter, and finally select photos, to be restored Mark to download啦~

02 Use iTunes to restore backup files

Itunes fans used it. Apart from listening to music, it is also effective for recovering accidentally deleted photos. So how do you know if you have an iTunes backup?

The specific steps are:

1. First, you need to connect your iPhone to your computer and open and launch iTunes.

2. If you are not sure if latest backup file exists, you can click [Edit-iTunes Preferences] to view backup file.

3. Then click device icon button, you can find and click [Restore Backup] function in bottom right corner of interface and wait for restoration.

03 Use [Happy Phone Recovery Master] to restore it

(official website address: www.kxbox.com)

Using professional recovery tools is actually easiest and most effective, and is not limited by other factors.

Whether it's data deletion caused by system crash or data loss caused by misuse, whether you have a backup file or not, Kaixin Phone Recovery Master can help us restore it!

In order to prevent piracy, we directly search and download [Happy Phone Recovery Master] in Baidu, click blue link [Official Site] to enter, or go to Happy Phone Recovery Master official website to download.

Launch Happy Phone Recovery Master, after program recognizes phone information normally, select recovery method according to your actual needs in pop-up interface as shown in picture.

Here we use [Recover by Device Scan] as an example to demonstrate. Of course, friends who have backups are also recommended to try backup recovery mode to further improve recovery speed~

Choose the [Photo] recovery function, and any leftover photo data in your phone will be automatically scanned.

After entering scan result interface, check photos you want to restore, click [Recover to Computer] button to restore selected photos to your computer for viewing.

04 Using Happy Phone Recovery Master

If your hands-on ability is not strong or you are completely new to computer, you can also repair it directly with help of professionals.

The feature of software is manual service, one-on-one online matching service.

1. Apple users can directly search for Happy Phone Recovery Master in app store

2. After downloading and installing, select appropriate data recovery service according to your individual needs. The engineer will start service after receiving order, and both parties will confirm data recovery effect, and service will be terminated.

Well, above editor introduces you several methods to help you quickly recover photos accidentally deleted on iPhone, isn't it very simple?

Besides, everyone should back up their mobile phone in time to be safe!

(Note: For those who need a download link for [Happy Phone Recovery Master], please see editor in background or click on the blue font below - learn more!).