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From five aspects, teach you how to choose an HDMI cable

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We all know that in order to display images on a monitor, in addition to connecting power cord, you must also connect monitor's data cable. At present, there are mainly three types of data display cables: HDMI cable, VGA cable and DVI cable. Nowadays, monitor with HDMI (high definition interface) interface is mainly chosen, so it is very important to choose a good HDMI cable.

HDMI version

To select an HDMI cable, first look at version number of HDMI interface. Different versions of HDMI interface have different bandwidth and supported technologies. At present, HDMI cables and HDMI interfaces can be divided into several versions from 1.3 to 2.0. Higher versions can be compatible with lower versions. Therefore, it is best to match HDMI interface when choosing HDMI cable. Compliance, at least not lower than interface version. If it is lower than interface version, it will not be able to transmit high-definition effects, on contrary, if it is higher than interface version, although it can be used, you will spend more money.

From five aspects, teach you how to choose an HDMI cable

HDMI Cable Certification

HDMI cables have standards, so there are usually no quality issues with certification mark. There are currently two certificates, one is HDMI certificate and other is Sinplay certificate. Only one of these two certificates is All, of course, it is better if both certifications are available.

From five aspects, teach you how to choose an HDMI cable

HDMI cable connector

HDMI cable connectors usually have gold-plated and non-gold-plated connectors. Gold-plated connectors have better corrosion resistance, conductivity, and high temperature resistance. Therefore, generally speaking, cables with gold-plated connectors will be better. Many gold-plated connectors on market are 24K gold-plated, which has a relatively high brightness and is easily distinguishable. But it's not that bad if it's not gold-plated, because PIN inside HDMI connector is main connection point that ends up working during use.

From five aspects, teach you how to choose an HDMI cable

This PIN code pin is mainly made of pewter bronze. When it is made, pin for PIN code is plated with nickel and then with gold. You will find three layers.

HDMI line process

The inner core of an HDMI cable is very important. At present, best copper core is copper core. The bandwidth and transmission quality of copper core is very good, which can prevent signal interference, and at same time there will not be too much loss in signal transmission, there is another inner alloy and iron core, of course, this is relatively bad. If you want to really tell it apart, you can only take it apart to see it, but few people will buy a cable and come back to take it apart, so I will present a relatively simple method, you can bend HDMI cable and bend it several times. times, if it is soft, it is a copper core, if it is relatively hard, it is an alloy and iron inner core, but be careful not to bend too much, alloy and iron inner core is easy to break.

From five aspects, teach you how to choose an HDMI cable

Of course, inner core of current HDMI cable has also been improved to a certain extent, and some of them directly use optical fiber as inner core. The advantages of using optical fiber are not mentioned here. Today's broadband is mostly optical fiber, so everyone should be familiar with it. Of course, HDMI cables with fiber optic cores are very expensive. If you have money, it is recommended to use fiber optic cores. HDMI cable , if you need a longer HDMI cable, you should also choose a fiber core. Ordinary users usually choose a copper core.

HDMI cable thickness

Some HDMI cables are thick and some are thin. How to choose? Generally speaking, for same brand, thicker cable, better transmission performance and more stable, but it's better to choose a branded cable, some cables of different brands are added with a bunch of different things to make cable look thicker. , so when choosing an HDMI cable, it is best to choose a brand. Foreign countries usually use Monster, Xiansheng, BG, Gefen, Philips, and SONY. Domestically, it is generally Kaiboer.

From five aspects, teach you how to choose an HDMI cable

A thin HDMI cable is completely unusable. When this type of cable is used for data transmission, signal will be relatively poor. An HDMI cable has a wire gauge (AWG), and higher number, thinner it is. , Pay attention to this when buying, such as same brand, 20AWG will be better than 30AWG.

Summing up

The production cost of an HDMI cable is relatively high, so generally more expensive better, but quality must pass test. I think everyone knows how to choose an HDMI cable after reading above. content. It must be suitable for your use environment, and then brand and quality of cable must be guaranteed. If above conditions are met, it is a good HDMI cable.