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After epidemic is over, what do you most want to do? i choose 8


The beginning of 2020 is too unusual.

We're worried about Wuhan, and we're also touched by regular heroes.

Although this winter is cold, but thanks to strength and love of all people, it has become unusually warm and full of hope.

If one day epidemic ends, what would you most like to do?

Eat without remorse

This epidemic has made me realize that being able to eat is a blessing!

When epidemic is over, I will definitely invite two or three friends, hold hands, sing and have fun on street.

Then search according to your taste and find a small restaurant on corner of street, tea with milk, hot pot, barbecue, barbecue, fried chicken, bread, desserts...

Lose weight? lose weight? non-existent!

Life is a search for food, it is better to try all sorts of tricks to have a good time. Satisfying your stomach means satisfying your heart!

What you eat in your mouth is not only delicious, but also satisfaction and joy of reunion after a long absence.

Work hard and start saving

This epidemic made me realize that money isn't everything, but money can really solve a lot of problems.

During these years, I always complained that work was too tiring and life was too hard. My biggest dream is to be a salted fish waiting to die.

But when I really had to stay at home, I got bored and looked at balance on my bank card, but I couldn't help but panic.

When epidemic is over, I just want to work hard and save money.

Because I know that no matter how hard and tedious work is, it can bring me real income.

And money is my sharp edge against unknown risks of this world.

When I want to buy something, I don't have to worry about price; when life goes wrong, I can buy a plane ticket to travel around world; when fate suddenly shoots me, this is my bulletproof clothing.

I don't complain anymore, I can't easily compare anymore.

Working and earning money is only way for me to go far.

Fight for whoever you like

This epidemic made me realize that process of love is always more important than result.

In last few years, I always want to have a serious relationship and love someone with all my heart.

But every time my heart beats, I never dare to move forward. I'm afraid that I'm not good enough for other person, I'm afraid that I won't be able to enter that person's heart, and even more I'm afraid that result will not be as expected.

Wait, wait and finally miss relationship.

Confess if you like it and fight for it if you want. Opportunities do not come with anticipation, but are seized by themselves after full preparation.

If you like it, just admit it. At worst, you won't even be able to make friends. I miss my friends, but I miss you!

Take a little trip

This epidemic has made me realize that sometimes it takes a little bit of willfulness in life.

Calm down and think about last few years, I found my life to be step by step, dull and boring.

When epidemic is over, I want to travel immediately! Whether it is sea, mountains or snow-capped mountains.

No need to plan or even have a temporary idea, boldly take this step, face unknown landscapes and experience freedom and occasional happiness.

Only when you are old, remember beautiful landscapes you saw, think about people and things you met along way, and sigh: there are no regrets in this life!

Stay with your family

This epidemic made me realize that some people leave, leaving us with only despair and a lifelong regret that we will never see each other again.

During this time, we saw too many helpless figures standing near ambulance.

"Every child believes that future will be long, that day will come when clothes will return to their hometown, and they can be filial. Unfortunately, people have forgotten cruelty of time, brevity of life and vulnerability of life itself. Fragile."

Young people are always unhappy with long trips and never stop chasing their dreams.

When god of death closed curtain on life of parents, they realized that scene of life of parents also needed an audience.

When epidemic is over, I will definitely return immediately to accompany my relatives, whom I have not seen for a long time.

Look at figure in kitchen, who is aging but still busy for us, have dinner with her and give her a big hug.

A family next to you is greatest happiness in world.

Start workout

This epidemic made me realize that health is basis of human existence in world at any time.

Redrawing other side of body, death is not far from us.

From now on, I will stop staying up late, smoking and drinking too much, get enough sleep and lead a normal life.

While young, jump rope, run, box! Keep your body in a virtuous cycle.

Then put on nice clothes and eat more delicious food.

Fitness isn't about losing weight, it's about preventing illness once you reach your age.

Go in for sports! To experience feeling of profuse sweating, to enjoy feeling of accomplishment, that lines of your body begin to tighten and your muscles begin to become more distinct.

See the birth of a new self!

The breakup of a failed marriage

This epidemic made me realize that life can always be restarted at any moment, key is whether I dare to change drastically.

Over years, people have always advised me: same with everyone, endure it for sake of child.

But now I really understand this sentence: Catastrophes are like a mirror, and you can tell if it's a person or a ghost.

During this epidemic, I witnessed how love shared joy and sorrow, and let me know:

With right person, no matter how hard life is, you can easily forgive fate for making life difficult for you.

With wrong person, you only have grudges, day and night work, and endless quarrels.

It is very important who you are with.

Instead of complaining about yourself all day, it's better to love yourself with a heart that was stubborn and unwilling to let go of loving it.

For rest of my life, I don't want to please world. I'd rather stop loss than exhaust my youth.

After all, ultimate goal of marriage is that happiness of two people together is greater than happiness of one person.

Go to Wuhan

We may have never been to Wuhan before.

But now there are people in this city that we've been missing for whole Spring Festival.

After epidemic is over, I want to go to Wuhan and say thank you to those who are fighting on front lines.

I want to see cherry blossoms at Wuhan University, eat a plate of hot dry noodles early in morning, feel crowds on Jianghan Road, and watch riverside lights at night on Zhiying.

Wait for epidemic to end, Wuhan will still remain that bright and vibrant city!

When epidemic is over, you can take off your mask, eat whatever you want, do whatever you want, and date whoever you want!

Enjoy little pleasures of life, enjoy every day, appreciate sights you see every day, and leave no regrets in your life.

Since we don't really know what day is in future, ordinary things will now become luxuries.

On days when we can't meet each other, please take care of yourself.

As long as you are alive and well, you will have time to eat, meet and do whatever you want.

What do you most want to do after epidemic is over? Anyone can leave a message in comments!