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What to do if computer monitor is black?


Computer monitor black screen is basically a black computer screen that cannot be started, indicating that there is a problem with computer's hardware. You should first check reasons for connection, and then check for other reasons.

What to do if computer monitor is black?

1. Open case first to check for dust. If there is dust in case, turn it on to check and fault is still there.

2. Remove memory card, clean gold finger and memory card slot, and then turn it on to see if problem is resolved.

3. The next step is to remove graphics card, and then clean gold finger of graphics card with a rubber band. After cleaning, run test again and fault can be ruled out. The black screen of a computer monitor is caused by dust and poor contact.

Mostly, fix and replace method is used to deal with a computer black screen. The principle should be based on replacing and removing most suspicious parts first. For general computer users who lack professional knowledge, they can follow steps below to analyze cause of failure so that they can troubleshoot on their own.

First check if contact is good ∩ Check if contact between video card and display is good, if contact between video card and I/O slot of motherboard is good, if necessary, remove it and reinstall it once to ensure field installation is good contact.

If there is no problem with contact, it's best to try a different monitor to make sure there is no problem with monitor.

If there is no problem with display, check if CPU fan is running. If it works, use a multimeter to measure output voltage of ±12V, ±15V. If not, try a different power supply.

If black screen still appears, remove components installed in computer, leaving only CPU, video card and memory card, then cause of malfunction may be limited to CPU, motherboard and memory. As a general rule, if memory fails, there should be a beep. If memory failure is ruled out, only processor and motherboard remain.

Replace with a regular processor (should be compatible with computer being tested), turn on computer and repeat test, if black screen still appears, you can only replace motherboard and problem should also appear on motherboard.