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What should I do if my wireless mouse is not responding?


Many friends used wireless mice. Compared to wired mice, wireless mice have a higher degree of freedom in space because they are not wired. However, wireless mice have more non-responsive events than wired mice. . Sometimes we encounter that power indicator on mouse and bottom light are on normally, but screen pointer cannot move when mouse is moved. The reason why mouse cannot move may be because wireless connection between mouse and computer is interrupted.

What should I do if my wireless mouse is not responding?

In this situation, user only needs to reconnect wireless mouse to computer to resolve issue. Although encoding methods provided by different mouse manufacturers vary, they are mostly completed by switching again or by pressing encoding button on bottom of mouse. The user only needs to check user manual of mouse or find it on Internet, and then reconnect mouse to computer to solve problem of immobile mouse.

If you're using a brand new one: usually no problem.

If it's not new, we usually test it for battery, USB interface, and mouse accessories.

(1) The power supply is insufficient and remaining battery power is insufficient to operate wireless mouse. Insufficient power will cause wireless mouse to work slowly or freeze, just replace battery.

(2) Check if wireless mouse USB receiver is securely connected, unplug it and plug it in again, or try a different USB interface or even try it on a different computer. reason for driver incompatibility with hardware is not good. If wireless mouse still does not work, check for software problems.

(3) Mouse accessories (PCB issues not covered here): left button, right button, scroll wheel, etc. to see if they work. broken; If so, you can replace mouse.

If this is a new wireless mouse or a used wireless mouse, if above reasons have been checked and confirmed that there are no problems, if it still cannot be used, it is recommended that you contact place where you bought it for a new one. Most current mice have a 2 year warranty, I think your problem will be solved soon.