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How to adjust screen when connecting a laptop to a TV

How to adjust screen when connecting a laptop to a TV

Here's how to connect your laptop to your TV and set up your screen in Windows 10:

1. Connect your laptop to your TV with an HDMI cable. Make sure your TV and computer are turned on and HDMI cable is properly connected.

2. Switch to correct HDMI input source on your TV. It depends on which TV port you connect HDMI cable to.

3. Press Windows key + P to open Projection menu. You can also right-click on desktop and select "Display Settings" and then go to "Projection" tab.

4. In "Projection" menu, you can choose one of four options:

- PC Screen Only: Display content only on laptop screen.

- Duplicate: Display same content on both TV and laptop screens.

- Extended: Use TV as an extended screen.

- Second Screen Only: Show content on TV only, laptop screen is off.

5. Select desired option. If you select Extend, you can drag apps and windows onto your TV screen to use them on both screens.

6. If necessary, you can adjust screen resolution and scaling so that content is displayed correctly on TV screen.

7. After making changes, click "Apply" button to save changes.