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What to do if laptop keyboard has failed? Steps to Troubleshoot a Laptop Keyboard


For a good laptop, all of a sudden keyboard crashes for some reason and it doesn't respond. When this situation arises, it is very annoying. So why can't I type on laptop keyboard, how to solve this situation? The editor below will share some experience in this area with you, let's learn together.

What should I do if my laptop keyboard fails? Solving problem with a laptop keyboard that cannot type words

What to do if laptop keyboard has failed? Steps to Troubleshoot a Laptop Keyboard

Reason 1: Some letters are printed as numbers instead of original letters

1. Toggle method Fn+NUMLOCK

We first press and hold [Fn] key (the Fn key is usually located in lower left corner of keyboard), and then we press [Num Lk] (Num Lk is usually located in upper right corner above F11 key). Of course, layout of different notebooks is different. ), we can press these two key combinations to change letters to numbers, which is also most commonly used method.

2. On-Screen Keyboard Switching Method

If you use first method, your laptop still cannot switch between letters and numbers. If this happens, firstly, you have problems with keyboard keys, and secondly, a software compatibility problem. we have to go through Another way to switch between letters and numbers on laptop keyboard, specific method is as follows:

Click [Start] menu, then select [Programs], select [Accessories], and then select [Ease of Access], search for [On-Screen Keyboard], enter On-Screen Keyboard settings, on small keyboard, there is [NLK key On-Screen Keyboard area ], press this button, and then switching between letters and numbers on laptop keyboard is realized.

Reason 2: The notepad input method cannot be switched

1. Right-click input method in lower right corner of desktop, and then select settings option from pop-up menu.

2. In pop-up interface, we select an unnecessary input method, then click "Delete" and then click "OK" to exit.

Reason 3: The laptop keyboard is faulty

1. First of all, this can be caused by careless handling of user. Since number and letter keys of small laptop keyboard are integrated, usually pressing fn Numlk key can intelligently switch to small number keyboard. Therefore, when we buy a laptop, we must read manual.

2.Of course, this error can be solved right away, but if it still does not work, then key may be faulty.Sometimes when we press keyboard, there will be many illegible letters or numbers. This could be reason why one of keys was pressed but didn't pop up, so you only need to check keyboard one by one.

3. Try to change keyboard driver, we can change laptop keyboard driver. Click "My Computer" - select "Device Manager" to find "Keyboard" option. Normally, default keyboard driver is "Standard 101/102 Keyboard or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard", then right-click keyboard driver, and then select "Update Driver" option, hardware update wizard will appear, select "Install from a list or specified Places (Advanced)", click "Next", select "Do not search, select a driver to install yourself".

Click Next,to go to "Select a device driver to install for this hardware" page and uncheck "Show compatible hardware". Select "Japanese PS/2 Keyboard (106/109 Key)" in "Standard Keyboard Model" column, click "Next", "Driver Update Warning" will pop up, select "Yes". Continue clicking "Yes" on "Confirm Device Installation" window to complete Hardware Update Wizard. Then restart your computer.

4. Modify registry, click Start - Run, type "regedit", open registry and search for "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEMControlSet001ControlKeyboard Layouts" in pop-up registry editor. 0804 "ends with Simplified Chinese input method. Open "E00E0804", you can see there is a sub item "Layout File" in right sub item, double click to open this item, change "kbdus.dll" in "Data Value" to "kbdjpn.dll". ", and click "OK" Maybe. We can change all "Layout File" in sub-items ending in "0804" to "kbdjpn.dll" and choose according to your commonly used input methods. Then just restart your computer!

5. If none of above steps help, your laptop keyboard may be completely broken and it needs to be replaced. We can buy a desktop keyboard and connect it to a laptop via a USB interface to control it.

The above is an introduction to laptop keyboard failure causes and solutions, did you find out about it?