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Computer problem Part 2 The light is a little brighter when I turn on computer How can I fix source of problem?


Hello everyone, I'm Xiao Jiang. Two days ago, I shared with you a method for diagnosing a malfunction of a computer assembly and daily use, when you press power button, main unit does not react at all, and does not turn on at all. Today I will continue to tell you about a different situation. Press power button to start host fan, but it will automatically turn off after a while, and light will flash and then turn off. We call it——It can only light up a little.

The reason for this phenomenon is usually due to a short circuit in host accessories or a bios malfunction.

First, try reconnecting accessories and wire connectors inside case, as well as reconnecting graphics card, memory, and SSD, which can also be understood as a reinstallation. Confirm if there is any error in screw head and if there is bad contact.

If it's an AMD platform, you can still try to remove CPU to see if pins are damaged; on Intel platform, you can also remove CPU to check if pins are damaged. on motherboard.

If above studies are completed and still not restored, we need to fix bios problem and drain motherboard to restore bios to factory settings.

Before discharging, you must first disconnect power rail, and then use following two methods:

First type, CMOS connector

First of all, you need to find a clean CMOS pin on your motherboard, take a big brand as an example: ASUS motherboard is called - CLRTC

MSI Motherboard - JBAT1

For other motherboards, you can check your motherboard manual for detailed markings. Once you find contacts, close two contacts with a screwdriver and release it after five or six seconds. If you are afraid that contact is bad, you can repeat this.

Second method: fasten battery

Following same preliminary steps as above, locate coin-cell battery on motherboard. Then buckle it up. There is usually a buckle next to battery, and battery lifts up when pressed. Then just let it stand for four or five minutes and then put battery back in, you can also reset BIOS to factory settings.

After using these two methods, reconnect power rail, restart your computer, and see if it returns to normal.

If this still doesn't work, we need to remove all accessories inside case and install them outside. Install only motherboard, processor, and heatsink first. The power cord only connects to motherboard's 24-pin power connector. power supply and CPU power supply, and then short boot jumper. Check if CPU fan is working normally. If it is normal, gradually add memory, graphics card and other accessories to motherboard until it fails again.

If above test is completed and problem persists, then you can continue to test power supply, motherboard or processor. I mentioned specific method day before yesterday, so I won't repeat myself here. Computer method for assessing incurable diseases! Xiaobai said yes after reading