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New Year, New Weather January 2020 Installed Capacity Trends and Recommendations


New year, new weather, price unchanged

Toothpaste still squeezed out, five or six out of XT

It's a new year and prices in installed machine market have also undergone some changes, but overall price situation is still relatively stable. Last December, various media also introduced next generation of Intel desktops. Some bits and pieces of information about processor. On X299 I9-10980XE flagship platform, toothpaste factory was also beaten by third-generation Su Ma 3960X and 3970X thread breaker. AMD has released a new graphics card RX5500XT based on Double Twelve platform. The competition in market is relatively average, but there is plenty of room for price cuts in later period of Map A. Judging by information, it is worth looking forward to.

General hardware changes in December:

CPU: Scattered Intel chips have slight gains and box is stable/AMD price cuts on new and old Ryzen

Memory: there are ups and downs and price will rise in future

Hard drive: Mechanical hard drive is basically stable, with little increase/solid state hard drive is basically stable

Video card: overall slight drop

And here are some tips for some friends who want to install:

Question 1. I want to build a computer to play online games like LOL and Overwatch. What processor should I use?

Answer 1: For most people, two G5400/200GE processors are not ordinary online games that cannot be played. Graphics cards higher than GTX1050/RX560D are recommended.

Question 2: I want to build a computer to play medium to large 3D games such as GTA5, Chicken Eater, Battlefield 5, APEX, etc. Which processor should I use?

Answer 2. If it's a large-scale 3D game with a small budget, I3-9100F or higher products are recommended. In Battlefield series, priority is given to quad-core processors. The I5-9400F level basically kills it. Deliberately chasing I7 / R7 is essentially a waste of performance. It's better to add money to video card.

In graphics card market, super-series of N cards is equivalent of a price cut in disguise. The high-end A-class cards on sale are very economical, and RX5500XT just launched at thousand yuan level is a little less competitive, but there are many opportunities for price reduction. The main group still prefers 1650super and 1660super. .

Entry-level budget graphics card, only GT1030, RX550, RX560D and other models are available for you for less than 500 yuan. At best, you can play regular 3D games and popular online games. Users on a small budget are advised to directly use built-in main display of CPU, or directly use a used graphics card such as GTX950/960/RX570/580, but these graphics cards are easy to buy for mining. .

The GTX1650super can be classified as a 1000 yuan mid-range market, which is slightly above previous generation 1060 and very close to GTX 1660. The AMD RX590 is essentially official overclocked version of full-blooded 580. My personal suggestion: to add money to 5500XT or save money. GTX1650s.

About 2000 Yuan N card is naturally still an RTX2060, and AMD RX5700 is mostly priced in 2099-2599 range. The performance is closer to RTX2060super, and performance cost is relatively high.

In 2600~3500 region, you can consider RTX2060 super performance close to 2070 and increase memory to 8GB. For card A, you can choose RX5700XT. Base performance is slightly better than RTX2070 and overclocking is stronger.

Recommended setting:

Configuration 1: price 1000 yuan Pentium office Entertainment Light Game

CPU: Intel Pentium G5400 CNY 322

Heat dissipation: Xinyu Blue Phoenix RMB 18

Motherboard: Soyo B365M Kuanglong 325 yuan

Memory: ADATA Colorful DDR4 8G 173 yuan

Hard Drive: Gigabyte 120G Solid State 105 RMB

Graphic card: GTX750TI-2G 269 yuan (used)

Power Supply: TT/TR-2 300W RMB 99

Chassis: wolf head style win 90 yuan

Total cost: 1401 yuan

Comments: This month's entry-level configuration uses Pentium G5400 processor. The difference in price with G4900 is very small, but performance has improved by almost 40%, so I chose this one. Soyo B365 Kuanglong motherboard is chosen as motherboard, which has great upgrade potential and can support 8th and 9th generation processors, which is more practical. If you feel that capacity of 120GG solid state hard drive is too small, you can add a mechanical hard drive or increase capacity. The graphics card uses GTX750Ti, which can mainly meet needs of home audio video, office files, and most Tencent Family Bucket games.

Configuration 2: 9th Gen I3 Home Entertainment/Moderate Chicken Eating Game

CPU: I3-9100F 476 yuan

Heat dissipation: Xinyu Blue Phoenix RMB 18

Motherboard: Gigabyte B360M-D2VXS1 399 yuan

Memory: ADATA Colorful DDR4 8G 173 yuan

Hard Drive: Gigabyte 240G Solid State 170 RMB

Video card: Sapphire RX560xt-4G Platinum Edition 760 yuan

Power supply: TT 500W, white, 199 RMB

Chassis: wolf head style win 90 yuan

Total cost: RMB 2285

Comments: The I3-9100F single chip price is currently less than 500 RMB, and it can be used with RX560xt graphics card to play chicken or other offline games that are not particularly demanding. The discrete processor needs to be equipped with a separate heatsink, and discrete graphics card can also be replaced with a GTX1050Ti or GTX1650. The cost of a memory quarantine certificate is still relatively low. Upgrade to dual to generate a dual channel certificate and improve performance.

Configuration 3: 3,000 yuan I5 large gaming platform

CPU: I5-9400F 948 yuan

Heat Dissipation: Xinyu Tower Overclocking RMB 29

Motherboard: Gigabyte B365M Xiaodiao 525 yuan

Memory: ADATA Wanziqianhong 8G*2 346 yuan

Hard drive: Samsung PM981 256G M.2 273 yuan

Video card: Maxsun GTX1650-4G Terminator 880 yuan

Power supply: TTSMART 500W, white, 199 RMB

Chassis: Xiaoxin power train 120 yuan

Total cost: RMB 3320

Comments: The I5-9400F platform is chosen at a price of about 3000, which is suitable for those users who have relatively high requirements for PC performance. The GTX1650 graphics card is also enough to handle all kinds of massive large-scale offline and online games. Solid state can be changed to SATA according to your own budget to reduce your budget. Can upgrade I7, I9 or expand memory, upgrade graphics card.

Configuration 4: CNY 4,000 most cost-effective mainstream 3A platform

CPU: I5-9400F 948 yuan

Heat dissipation: Bear Colorful Tower 43 yuan

Motherboard: MSI B360M-mortar 561 yuan

Memory: colorful DDR4 ADATA 8G*2 346 yuan

Hard drive: Samsung PM981 256GM.2 273 yuan

Video card: MSI GTX1660super Wantushi 1580 yuan

Power supply: Tt SMART 500W, white, 199 RMB

Chassis: Yingpai Jinyiwei (including fan) 190 yuan

Total cost: 4140 yuan

Comments: The 4GHz six-core processor (after turbo) impresses with both multitasking and single-threaded performance. With GTX1660super graphics card, it should become most popular 3A large-scale gaming platform in price range. of 4000. In this respect, U board package uses MSI Mortar series with relatively good sales and word of mouth, strong expansion capability, and slightly better than other flagship motherboards.

Fourth Configuration: RMB 5,000 I5-9400F High-Performance Gaming Platform

CPU: I5-9400F 948 yuan

Heat dissipation: Bear Colorful Tower 43 yuan

Motherboard: ASUS TUF B360-PLUS Gaming 530 yuan

Memory: ADATA Wanziqianhong 8G*2 346 yuan

Hard drive: Samsung PM981 512GM.2 480 yuan

Video card: Maxsun RTX2060 Gaming Heart 2220 yuan

Power supply: Tt SMART 500W, white, 199 RMB

Chassis: Yingpai Jinyiwei (including fan) 190 yuan

Total cost: 4956 yuan

Comments: As budget increases, independent graphics card may be replaced with a higher quality product. The overall price of current RTX2060super is relatively affordable. The processor supports ray tracing, and gaming performance is higher than that of a lower-end graphics card. maps Large-scale offline online games take everything without stress. Ming Xuande's three-fan backlit video card is more affordable than a regular 2060. When it's cheap, it only costs about 2100. Suitable accessories can be replaced if you don't like them.

Configuration 5: 6,000 yuan, big game, mainstream live streaming platform

CPU: I5-9600KF 1125 yuan

Heat dissipation: heat dissipation in AVC four-pin tower 78 yuan

Motherboard: MSI Z390 GAMING PLUS940 yuan

Memory: Corsair Avenger DDR4 8G*2 436 yuan

Hard drive: Samsung PM981 512G M.2 480 yuan

Graphic card: Maxsun RTX2060super Gaming Heart 2590 yuan

Power Supply: Great Wall Dragon Gold Medal 600W Half Module 350 RMB

Chassis: Yingpai Minglang #3 (including fan) 190 RMB

Total cost: 6189 yuan

Comments: We did a relatively big upgrade this month, replacing 9600KF CPU with a Z390 motherboard. -9400F., it is recommended to dissipate more than four copper pipes for heat dissipation. As for discrete graphics card, you can use Maxsun 2060super graphics card, which is relatively economical. Sometimes there are magic cars that are very cheap, with relatively good performance, and complete backplanes, lamps, and fans. As for future configuration upgrades, it can be upgraded to I9=9900K, maximum memory can be upgraded to 16GB*4, independent graphics card can be upgraded to about RTX2070super (depending on current power level), and a mechanical hard drive can be installed to increase Memory.

[Last Reminders]

1. The configuration provided in this article can be considered as a basic structure and not as an absolute standard. You can change brand of platform, graphics card and other accessories according to your preferences, as long as power supply is sufficient.

2. About power supply: if you think power supply grade I listed is too low or not good, you can buy a higher-end model or brand by yourself.

3. Regarding graphics card: As long as power is enough and banknotes are enough, you can use any graphics card you want, GT610-RTX2080TI 9-segment is ok, if you have money, you will be done.

4. Please contact your dealer for compatibility, but motherboard does not support Intel motherboards from two major manufacturers. Be reliable but not stupid, work hard to create miracles.

5. The combination of chassis is as good as you like, not to say that you can use only this one, you can buy one you like, but you need to know if you can stuff your own chassis with your own accessories.

6. If you don't have money, you can use a nuclear display or a used graphics card, just be careful with mining cards.