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Installed User Notice: Difference and Advantages and Disadvantages of a Video Card


The graphics card is mainly divided into two types: discrete graphics card and integrated graphics card. The discrete graphics card is an independent hardware part of host computer, while integrated graphics card used to be integrated into motherboard. , but now it is built into processor and is called graphics card core. So what are pros and cons of these two graphics cards? How to choose a video card when assembling a computer?

Installed User Notice: Difference and Advantages and Disadvantages of a Video Card
The difference between a discrete graphics card and an integrated graphics card

Integrated video card. Simply put, both an integrated graphics card and a discrete graphics card are a type of graphics card.

Independent video card: called independent video card, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions are called independent video card, which means independent board of board, which needs to be inserted into corresponding interface of motherboard.

Advantages and disadvantages of integrated graphics and discrete graphics

Integrated graphics benefits:

1. We don't need an external video card.

2. The integrated graphics card has advantages of low price, good compatibility and low upgrade cost.

Disadvantages of integrated graphics:

1. The integrated video card does not have independent video memory. It occupies part of amount of memory as video memory, which may affect performance of computer in some way;

2. Although integrated graphics card can be upgraded at a low cost, this is problematic. To update integrated graphics card, you need to update BIOS of motherboard.

3. Integrated graphics performance is generally worse than mid-range and high-end discrete graphics. (Of course, there are exceptions. For example, Dell desktops still use integrated graphics cards in many computers, but their performance is superior to many discrete graphics cards.)

Discrete Graphics Benefits:

1. A discrete graphics card has separate video memory and does not take up system memory;

2. Leading technologies for better display and performance.

3. In addition, an independent graphics card can form multiple graphics cards inside a computer that has powerful image processing capabilities.

Disadvantages of a discrete graphics card:

1. Power consumption as well as high power consumption in terms of heat dissipation;

2. A lot of heat is generated, and if heat dissipation is not timely, it can easily lead to failure;

3. The price is high compared to integrated graphics card.


Integrated graphics cards are already suitable for general office work, general home use, and light gaming.

For example, we usually play games like DNF, LOL and CF. At present, main graphics card embedded in new processor can meet its needs, so it not only saves computer's budget, but also reduces heat generation. computer. And if we need to play some offline gaming masterpieces or online gaming masterpieces such as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and APEX Heroes, in this case, built-in graphics card should not carry them, and main discrete graphics card should be required. play smoothly.