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Difference between public version and closed version of graphics card


Video cards are one of most important hardware for gamers and 3D graphics designers, and high-end graphics cards are divided into public and closed versions, so many installed users will wonder what is difference between public and non-public versions of video cards? which one is better? In this thread, let me help you popularize science.

What is difference between a public version and a closed version of a graphics card?

A publicly available graphics card refers to PCB version developed in original factory (or authorized design) by NVIDIA or AMD at start of a new graphics card release, as well as a graphics card manufactured by a designated OEM. The biggest function of public video cards is not only to quickly distribute goods and occupy market, but also strictly control quality of video cards, maintain market prices, and build brand image.

Difference between public version and closed version of graphics card

Shared video card

Common features of public graphics cards: luxury materials, high cost and high price. The downside is that commonly available graphics cards come with a single turbo heatsink, so noise is louder.

Non-public version graphics cards include circuit boards designed by graphics card manufacturers themselves in addition to public version. Compared with public graphics card, extraordinary version has made big changes in PCB design and materials. Some extraordinary graphics cards are product of cost trade-offs, and some have exacerbated disadvantages of public graphics card, such as heat dissipation. diffusion. , product features, interface design, etc. compensate for shortcomings and are better than public version. Non-public video cards usually have their own unique features.

Difference between public version and closed version of graphics card

Non-public video card (video card of a certain brand)

General features of non-public version graphics cards: non-public version is much cheaper than public version, core frequency is higher than public version, design with multiple heatsinks, a wider selection of products, and a diverse appearance design. As for disadvantages of non-public version, there are many brands and models, and product quality is uneven. Users should have a certain degree of recognition and avoid choosing different brands, as well as castrated and reduced products.

Which is better: a public version or a closed version of a graphics card?

If you pay attention to luxury materials, reliability, do not care about price difference of several hundred yuan, or believe in people, then public version graphics card is recommended. For some established users who pay attention to economy, performance and quietness, it is recommended to give priority to non-public version. When choosing a non-public version of video card, it is recommended not to blindly chase cheapness. Remember that a top-notch price is a top-notch product, and a cheap one is definitely a shrinking product.

Any brand can be chosen for public graphics card, but Tier 1 and Tier 2 brands such as GALAXY, ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, Yingzhong, Colorful, etc. are preferred for proprietary version.