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Intel promotes one-button overclocking, making overclocking easier!


Overclocking is most convenient way to increase performance of your computer hardware for free. Overclocking refers to increasing nominal frequency of processor, video card, memory and other hardware devices by a certain range so that they can operate at a higher frequency for better performance.

However, since advent of overclocking, it has almost nothing to do with conventional players and is considered a reflection of technical level of homemade players. However, this situation will change a lot after Intel launches the “one-key overclocking” service.

Intel promotes one-button overclocking, making overclocking easier!

The Intel China PC Application Innovation Media Tasting Media Tasting Conference took place today, where "one-key overclocking" solution was launched. Intel's unified overclocking solution can satisfy users who need overclocking but do not have professional skills, which is equivalent to implementing overclocking for everyone.

Using one-touch overclocking is very simple. Download and install "one-click overclocking" software from official Intel flagship store, and you can perform one-click overclocking on 7th, 8th, or 9th generation Core K series processors. processors, making overclocking very easy.